1 Year Ago
Can publish materials to asset.party same way as models Allow non power of two textures in materials, strip some gameinfo image preprocessors code we'll never use too Documentation pass Internalize BaseFileSystem.Watch/Watch(string), WatchEnabled Only used internally. Added PhysicsPoint.Transform Added debug overlays for constraints (ent_text), clean up accessibility & docs Citizen: further updates & misc. fixes around the head & its shoulder seams Previously updated clothing included in this commit Asset Browser: use User order for cloud assets so you see your shit first Asset Browser: can search for cloud materials Hammer Asset Browser: double clicking a cloud material will install and set the current material to it Fix addon editor getting squished and not scrolling Make _metal and _trans suffixes actually work in create material from image Fixed text alignment Citizen: more misc. fixes A working example for the VirutalScrolling ui test Fix black sky Fix color picker stomping hsv sometimes Citizen/clothing: buttoned shirt skinning pass Documentation pass Cookie system does backups on save, add warnings on load failure Trying to track down an issue where all cookies get reset Hide a bunch of internal entity methods Do not fire BaseTrigger outputs if its disabled Renamed TriggerMultiple.Wait to Cooldown Documentation pass Hidden Water.Think Obsoleted Water.EnableShadows, EnableFog & EnableRefraction Hidden GradientFogEntity.TickFrame, ParticleSystemEntity.OnMapCleanup, PrecipitationEntity.ClientTick Implemented ParticleSystemEntity.SetControlPoint Hidden SoundEventEntity.OnStartSound, OnStopSound Made SoundEventEntity.StartSound, StopSound public Added srcds genereated file to gitignore Added Leaderboard.GetHistogram() Basic leaderboard histogram drawing Show markers on friend scores in histogram Citizen/clothing: buttoned shirt LODs Add some extra checks for file watchers Revert "Add some extra checks for file watchers" This reverts commit 00719712d06cd2ea5f06166a561c640476dd3409. Fall back to fetching top scores if no scores around user Throw ObjectDisposedException instead of NotImplementedException when accessing a disconnected clients pawn Try compiling morph frames with an empty weight list instead of setting bones to bindpose Documentation pass Obsoleted Soundscape.MasterVolume, Surface.Dampening, Surface.Sounds.SmoothScrape and RoughScrape on the account of them not being used anywhere Documentation pass Dirt footsteps for testing Citizen/clothing: misc. fixes Merge branch 'master' into custom-client-input Don't add const to ArgPointer if asref is specified Rid of CUtlVectorByte in favor of direct byte arrays