59 Days Ago
Added test for adding properties with default values Code-first typed leaderboards, support for creation / writing / reading Read leaderboard type info from local addon assemblies in tools Display custom leaderboard types in the menu https://files.facepunch.com/ziks/1b2011b1/sbox-dev_xm1fXA5ej8.png Fixed leaderboard details having too much padding Support for marking entries as deleted in the backend Refactor to nest leaderboard attributes etc in the Leaderboard struct Built-in support for periodic leaderboards (daily / weekly / monthly) More refactoring * Leaderboard has too many fields to justify being a struct anymore * Nested Leaderboard.Update and Leaderboard.Entry * Leaderboard<T> can inherit from Leaderboard now, much less repetition Leaderboard API documentation Finish merging in Histograms