1 Year Ago
Add description attributes to Surface asset for the editor Make "clear" option available for "Unknown asset" in AssetProperty editor Fixed "Collection has a fixed size" error when trying to remove items from an array in an asset Updated all surface assets Added grass surface & footsteps Fixed Resources not loading when networked from server Fixes shatter glass being invisible for clients who are not the host Hammer Map Nodes API Split Hammer save/load logic into different file and document all the internals so anyone other than me can know what the fuck is going on Fix double filesystem dispose with addon config Closes #498 Fixed some histograms being offset horizontally Only show histogram markers that are in range Add Hotload.AssemblyResolver, warn if not assigned when needed Set HotloadManager.AssemblyResolver for client / menu / server Documentation pass Hides Prop.weldParent, Prop.childrenProps and Prop.clonedShapes TagAttribute can now accept multiple tags at the same time Documentation pass VertexBuffer index methods throw if buffer is not indexed Obsolete TextureArrayBuilder Readd single string constructor for TagAttribute Hook up the CMapView's CToolCamera so we can have the camera pos/angles and able to build rays from 2d coords Hammer traces return their hit MapNode by managed handle so can do `if ( tr.MapNode is MapMesh mesh )` now Add MapMesh.SetMaterial( Material ) Real simple drag handler for material packages - this code is all getting shit though time to rip it up Refactored map view drop targets into an interface with attributes: `[CanDrop( Package.Type.Model )] class ModelDropTarget : IMapViewDropTarget` Once I wrap CMapView I'll make this public and make it work with standard AssetType too, so you'd be able to create custom drop targets for your game resources. Simple color picker for color properties Snap to color on mouse press Add comments to new publics Merge pull request #573 from Facepunch/color-picker Simple color picker for color properties Merge branch 'master' into custom-client-input