1 Year Ago
Documentation pass for SceneWorld and related classes Obsolete non implemented methods of SceneSkyBox Zero out native pointer of SceneWorld in its Delete() method Fixing up TextureBuilder documentation Rearrange texture builder methods Added test for adding properties with default values Support for log value histograms https://files.facepunch.com/ziks/2022-10-10/sbox-dev_YnroiYzjt5.png Make Asset.TryLoadGameResource<T> work on compiled assets w/o source files by implementing in EngineGlue::LoadJsonAsset for compiled files Delete unused/non functioning fog override convars Delete fog properties from sky_camera - they do not work Add Widget.OnKeyRelease nullptr checks for Hammer.ActiveMap MapEntity / MapMesh constructors will default to active map doc if not specified MapView wraps CMapView so we can use it in addon space Add `[CanDrop( string AssetFileExtension )]` that support `IMapViewDropTarget.DragEnter( Asset ... )`, make it all accessible to addon space Move MaterialDropTarget to addon space Hammer: Add SoundDropTarget - creates snd_event_point for .sound assets Merge branch 'master' into custom-client-input