1 Year Ago
npcclip/navclip/playerclip affect nav mesh in Hammer Fixed an assert in ModelDoc rotation gizmo sbox-issues/issues/2135 Color picker style improvements & layout tweaks Fix hue slider being slightly larger Remove nullable from AssetList icon, fixed an error I was getting on editor launch Re-enabled translucent screenspace effects Add IsValueType to TypeDescription sbox-issues/issues/2370 Fix 4-way blendable material crashing & added safety assertions Fixed Group Sort Key Mismatch & Dropped useless "Color" section for blend build shaders Merge pull request #576 from Facepunch/blend-cleanup Blend cleanup Allow glow occlusion color & line width to be customizable Fixes sbox-issues/issues/2395 Replace asset picking with our own in more native situations * Improved the native API for opening our AssetPicker so it's easier to swap out the old embedded asset browsers * QAssetSelectionWidget ( property sheets ) and QEmbeddedAssetPicker ( Active material ) use our AssetPicker * Limit the ability for the AssetPicker to select cloud assets, when called from native we only allowed it when the context asset is a vmap AssetList: don't encode a `file:///` URI in DragData.Text keeping it consistent with all native tools, fixes Hammer not accepting models dragged from our asset browser properly document ColorHsv to be 0->360 instead of 0->1 also update constructor docs to reflect the range too Create text gradients with Skia, fixes overwriting strokes and emojis * Update RichTextKit.dll with newly added Gradient parameter in TextPaintOptions * Deleted D_TEXT_BACKGROUND_IMAGE and recompiled ui_text * Removed text background image from stylesheet parsing * Added new GradientInfo class, generated during stylesheet parsing * Updated SkiaTextBlock to grab gradient info and pass it to RichTextKit Fixed OGG files not receiving correct duration (Recompiles needed) Added SoundFile.IsValid Error handling for SoundFilePreview ConditionalVisibilityAttribute works for child sheets sbox-issues/issues/2162 DragData.Files does not rely on file:/// prefix Add category to angular fog related properties Replace rect definition picker with our own whilst I'm here Add Asset.GetAdditionalRelatedFiles() Upload hotspot .rect for a material asset, only for single assets and not games Add SoundscapeDropTarget so you can drag and drop soundscapes into your maps Citizen/clothing: polo shirt updates (neck seam fix, skinning & LOD improvements) Asset publishing widget doesn't stomp potential asset editor Can publish sound and soundscape assets Handle null thumbnails for uploaded assets, I think garry's already made the backend auto generate them if nothing is provided Asset browser can find cloud sounds, SoundDropTarget supports async setting from package ModelDoc: Don't show duplicate context action for selections that include singleton nodes, these nodes can't be duplicated Clean up model state a little bit, don't need to know about the old model state when setting up rendering Animgraph: Don't allow tags or other items to be removed when preview mode is active Animgraph: Disable state machine condition list when preview mode is active Animgraph: Do the same for state machine tag list Add Widget.OnDragMove cctv_globe, ceiling light glass material tweak Documentation pass Added Angles.Forward, obsoleted Angles.Direction Set ConsoleSystem.Caller to Local.Client for clientside concommands Documentation pass Hitbox Tags (#562) - Added Hitbox, Hitbox.HasTag, Hitbox.HasAllTags, Hitbox.HasAnyTags, Hitbox.GetName - Added TraceResult.Hitbox, DamageInfo.Hitbox - Obsoleted DamageInfo.HitboxIndex, DamageInfo.WithHitbox, ModelEntity.GetHitboxGroup You'll have to update your code to get hitboxes to work again (headshots, etc) - check the wiki page @ https://wiki.facepunch.com/sbox/Hitboxes Add starting & current colors to color picker Pack color picker specific widgets into partials ColorProperty picker tweaks Add hex value input to color picker Allow Graphics.RenderToTexture to be used outside of render block Add Ortho settings to SceneCamera Add DebugOverlay.Texture Fix AO proxies Tone down the intensity, we haven't authored AO proxies properly for a few months Seems to fix sbox/issues/549 Revert "Tone down the intensity, we haven't authored AO proxies properly for a few months" This reverts commit 32b7ca573f22b412419162ae4a4980b18922ce6b. Added sphere ao proxy shapes fixed advertising board glass position, fixed office desk colliders Merge branch 'master' of sbox Merge branch 'master' into custom-client-input