1 Year Ago
Make Hitbox constructor internal Obsolete warning fixes Fixed exception when trying to (de)serialize custom asset lists/arrays Fixed DebugOverlay.Texture documentation comment Citizen/clothing: summer shorts skinning update + clipping fix Fix FindFile returning bullshit paths we didn't search for Revert "Fix FindFile returning bullshit paths we didn't search for" This reverts commit 812a7edca9cbf2804fbb7e09c1ec1ed840ae7c19. Fix RedirectFileSystem not checking directory when enumerating paths RedirectFileSystem handles FindDirectory too Don't return the dir we're searching in Remove my old remote package code, this is all handled by vmap metadata now Simple static Selection API for Hammer for getting / setting selected map nodes Stop duplicate "Navigate to Folder" in asset context menu when multiple asset browsers exist What the fuck did I make this native pointer nullable for Add Hammer specific asset context menu for selecting objects using assets and that sort of stuff https://files.facepunch.com/matt/1b1911b1/sbox_9pAdMcU4JQ.png Added implicit casts to System.Numerics variations of Vector2/Rotation Matches Vector3 & Vector4 Update summary of Vectot3.EulerAngles to better represent what it does Integer Slider Property no longer shows decimal point values Merge branch 'master' into custom-client-input