1 Year Ago
New Outfit Piece! - Nerdy Glasses Some nerdy glasses, LODs coming ASAP. Small adjustment to Nerdy Glasses asset Preload post processing pass materials, should fix nvidia crash when using post processing Allow sending compiled shaders to clients Fixed custom game resources sometimes resetting to default values This would happen if you open an asset that references other assets. Keep better separation of game resources between realms This affects editor/menu assets. Basically custom assets in tools are now stored under "Menu" container, not "None". This fixes menu compiled types trying to be used on the server/client, which would throw errors. Fixed editing assets while in-game resetting child assets to defaults Fixed editing custom game resources while the gamemode they are from is running causing any referenced assets (such as List<MyCustomChildGameResource>) to reset to default values on client and server. Merge branch 'master' into custom-client-input