1 Year Ago
New Outfit Piece! - Fedora.. https://files.facepunch.com/daniel/1b2611b1/sbox-dev_a3Ipo4jVY4.png Fedoras... are awesome. LODs coming asap. Fixed "fire once" or OutputConnection.TimesToFire not doing anything Asset browser addon icons reflect their type Change addon grouping in AddonSwitcher Addons are grouped by Active AND Type. Groups can also be collapsed now. Addons + Razor + New Menu sbox-issues/discussions/2438 Print compile errors when no tools mode Fixed extensions not working Project references normalize and encode properly for XML in SolutionGenerator so Visual Studio doesn't cry when seeing an & New Outfit Piece! - Flatcap Hat https://files.facepunch.com/daniel/1b2611b1/Photoshop_SK6YieyB9t.jpg LODs coming soon. Make our access tests work with new uploaded assembly path Fix uploading addons that target games using legacy uploaded assembly path Make base compiler part of ServerContext.CompileGroup in non tools mode too so local games successfully compile Don't overflow the Embed network table with too many small files - maybe this should be limited to html, css only? Only embed html/scss Fix CAsset::RequireInstanceInfo error This was happening because when updating the splashscreen we spin, which also runs async tasks. One of the tasks loaded a dll, which initialized all the statics. The post process materials were loaded here. The problem was that this was happening before the asset system was initialized, so it all shit itself. Now it spins the UI but shouldn't run async tasks. Fix crashes when trying to set an animgraph on a model with no bones (still allowed because they may have morphs) Citizen: LOD0/1 don't compress tangents/texcoords anymore, fixing shading seams Merge branch 'master' into custom-client-input