1 Year Ago
Fix tests that use sandbox game Load addons after gamemode is compiled Include base addon with Runtime content Isolate the assemblies in their own LoadContext when loading Compiled assemblies don't need a dynamic name now, unify name with release so addons work on local versions of games Add map nodes MapGroup and MapInstance, example usage of MapInstance: ``` new MapInstance() { Position = Vector3.Up * 128.0f, Target = Selection.All.First(), }; ``` Only tell ac to forget the assembly if it's going away Throw more useful exception when ac can't resolve an assembly For now don't include base with generic addons (needs some work) Use correct assembly name for packaged content When hotloading runtime stuff on the server, also include packaged addons so they hotload too Client hotload in a more organised way Fixed ResourceProperty not working with base Resources Fixed a race condition with loading custom resources in tools Add MapNode.Copy() creates a copy of the node and adds it to the current mapdoc Make Hammer entities correctly categorize local projects again Basic assembly reference rewriting Better handle failed downloads when loading to a server Switch some entity methods to check validity of internal pointer, not realm ModelEntity.TakeDecalsFrom throws explicitly when given null Fix malformed comment on RenderTreeBuilder.AddAttribute Rewrite packaged addon references if needed Merge branch 'assembly-rewrite' Hammer: Fix base entities appearing as if they only belonged to certain local games Only create this package.base Compiler in tools mode once again (for Hammer / GameData), since local compilations are now consolidated with base code Make sure Global.Server gets set OnServerInfo so Global.GameTitle and shit is avaliable, fixes rich presence not working too Citizen/clothing: various improvements Obsolete ConstantBuffer, implement RenderAttributes.SetData Fix assembly resolution when rewriting Documentation + Support for arrays & spans Increase menu build timeout Don't show warnings/info in menu compile error Cleaned up Merge pull request #592 from Facepunch/dynamic-cbuf Dynamic Constant Buffers Fix error list exception Fix error list not filtering Handle and show a message when game fails to load, instead of loading anyway Fixed server thinking build had failed if no build was needed Superluminal instrumentation Lobby settings are saved on game start Some error protection around razor :bind Include razor files in editorconfig Nicer lobby addon list Remove razor binds if they create exceptions Add local category in packageselector Mount local Content type projects on server start up Allows usage of custom game resources from content addons Draw the actual soundscape entities with overlay enabled Improve responsiveness of selected map/game preview in lobby No longer displays previous selected map/game while new data is being fetched Fixed files with capital letters not being accepted for Hammer drag&drop Playerclip shouldn't affect nav mesh Added SoundEventBoxEntity https://files.facepunch.com/louie/1b2911b1/sbox-dev_Pyq7g0zfc2.png info_target C# Replacement Targer.cs > TargetEntity.cs Citizen: added ear_* bones Citizen/clothing: army shirt uses neck_clothing bone instead of neck_0 Made project manager less shit Fix local addons with packaged gamemode Reset the server compilegroup when starting server (to clear previous errors) Fixed line numbers being total bullshit Can drag and drop addons onto the project list Fix lobby addon list not shrinking Cleaned up SoundEventBoxEntity Enable client authoritative mesh groups when setting a client side procedural model so server doesn't stomp mesh groups Combine Projects, Entities and UI into one dockpanel Compile tool base first, so that if a tool addon is broken the UI won't be broken CQBuildMapDialog::GetMapLaunchCommand wraps map name in quotes Citizen: ship "all-in-one" FBX with the game files (The "all-in-one" FBX includes the head and its morphs, unlike the regular LOD0/1 FBX files, because we use a DMX file for this. We might as well put it in here so you don't have to go look for it on the wiki.) Citizen/clothing: v-neck t-shirt skinning/LOD improvements & seam fix Citizen/clothing: fixes to blue variant of v-neck t-shirt Citizen/clothing: (... and RenderMeshMarkup for the blue variant too) Hammer: Fix entities from newly uploaded asset.party games not working Citizen/clothing: adding RenderMeshMarkup for previous clothing items that have a cut-down torso mesh Add IEnumerable<MapNode> MapNode.Children Add MapPath and MapPathNode to C# API MapGroup and MapInstance init their handles correctly Fallback to default code editor if selected code editor is no longer installed Load entity GameData after ToolsDll.OnAddonsCompiled instead of tools.refresh - I think this was accidentally still working somehow, but now it'll hotload and all that shit again Fix errors in local projects preventing base loading for tools ( Hammer entities, ModelDoc data, base resources ), remove hack from Sandbox.Engine and make Sandbox.Tools responsible for compiling base before local projects are added to the compile group Add MapNode.Parent property Remove code I added that wasn't needed Merge branch 'master' into custom-client-input