1 Year Ago
Added BBox.Contains(Vector3) & FromPositionAndSize( Vector3, Vector3 ) Added box soundscape entity DisplayInfo will inherit from interfaces for type members Fix pre-processing shader errors showing up as valid success compiles Add a stop compiling button to the Shader Compile Output Only disable the button if it actually exists Get rid of features.minimal.hlsl. It's the same thing as features.hlsl Expose combo free texture filtering selector for user built shaders https://files.facepunch.com/ognik/1b0111b1/sbox-dev_MUJMmnKlDF.mp4 https://files.facepunch.com/ognik/1b0111b1/sbox-dev_F7l9inPSQS.mp4 Also includes glass & blendable too Catch and report exceptions in OnParametersSetAsync, OnParametersSet When deleting, destroy child blocks first Friend.GetAll() returns empty array in outside of menu Add context menu to entity list, allow deleting Fix entity categories under Map entities Add consistency to explorer widgets Remove some unused gameui Don't reset buttons when mouse cursor window CQAttributeEditor_SoundPicker: use path instead of name for sound events Create a resource reference on sounds in maps so custom sounds will get properly uploaded and loaded with the map This will require you to reselect sounds in your maps to update to their full paths, asset name only is obsolete Group projects better Clip project path text so it doesn't overlap the settings icon Saftey checks around memcpy in CCompositeParentSpaceState::CopyBoneTransformWeights to prevent crash, additional asserts to catch when this stuff is bad Tooltips Fix razor file extension checks case sensitive Settings page partial cleanup Codegen writes correct accessibility for partial classes it writes Add descriptions to TypeLibrary's description classes Focus GameFrame when entering full screen Fixes sbox-issues/issues/2081 Project creator folder selector works first time when path already exists - Fixes Facepunch/sbox-issues#2454 Server list spelling New Outfit Pieces - Shorts and Bucket Hat https://files.facepunch.com/daniel/1b0111b1/sbox-dev_w0N25QkANK.jpg LODs and Skinning adjustments to come soon. Merge branch 'master' of sbox Make it more clear that project rows are not clickable Fixed exceptions when closing publish to asset.party window prematurely Undo unintended changes Deleted prop_dynamic, info(_particle)_target, point_camera native ents Deleted prop_dynamic, info_target, info_particle_target, point_camera native entities They all have c# alternatives Deleted info_null, info_landmark, info_player_deathmatch engine ents Citizen/clothing: bucket helmet seam fix Merge branch 'master' of sbox Whitelist System.Private.CoreLib/System.Diagnostics.ConditionalAttribute Whitelist System.Private.CoreLib/System.Text.* Whitelist System.ObjectModel/System.Collections.Specialized.* Whitelist System.Private.CoreLib/System.IO.StreamReader.get_* and Close() Small adjustment to Shorts Party deck: fix avatar sizing, give margin between add button and party friends - Fixes Facepunch/sbox-issues#2453 Corrected description of (Real)TimeUntil.Absolute RangedFloat can be used in Hammer entity properties now Revert "Focus GameFrame when entering full screen" This reverts commit 8904f4f5b1f11f0a8921373f2a42485a9eaab8ce. Blur and disable console input's focus when entering fullscreen mode This takes care of the editor sometimes auto-focusing the console and getting confused about whether it wants to be full screen or not Support all the different orders CSS border property can be in, add unit tests too - resolves Facepunch/sbox-issues#89 added missing menu tool tip for local games Only call tools.refresh when we have new tool assemblies and not game assemblies Fixed default new material using invalid texture sboxgame/issues/issues/2480 Added option to right click copy asset ident from asset.party https://files.facepunch.com/louie/1b0211b1/sbox_wHZljKuQ2h.png sboxgame/issues/issues/2477 AssertIsMainThread for SetupPhysicsFromModel, this is not safe to do Assert trying to make scene model with meshless model, sceneobjects aren't created if there's no meshes Do the same for sceneobject Fix crash trying to render thumbnail of model with no meshes Fix crash trying to preview model with no meshes Improve error handling for firing Hammer/MapIO inputs Use parameter default value when firing inputs for non number types too Send some performance info Fix particle preview rotation https://files.facepunch.com/layla/1b0211b1/sbox-dev_DE9zLfakRV.mp4 Fix Input.Pressed not working outside of Simulate when FPS was lower than tick rate Citizen/clothing: jumpsuits skinning improvements + ID card on pocket has physics Citizen/clothing: slightly safer angle limit setting on jumpsuit physics Fix StartVoiceRecording and StopVoiceRecording being called continuously when it doesn't have to Merge branch 'master' into custom-client-input Merge in Matt's Input.Pressed fix for when FPS is lower than tick rate