1 Year Ago
tweak glass materials and advertising_board texture, adding LOD to railing set and tweak lod distances Merge branch 'master' of sbox Removed warning for when a map has non default nav agent settings better default settings for nav agent in hammer Fix Apply Changes not working on Settings menu where it was using old onclick syntax Allow nav agent max distance to go up to 2048 Whitelist more of System.Threading.Tasks.Task: Task.FromCanceled, Task.FromException, Task.FromResult, Task.WhenAll, Task.WhenAny, Task.CompletedTask Games targeting <empty> map don't show map selection Implement "This List Only" map selection Add a cookie on project list's show disabled option Un-whitelist Task.WhenAll/Task.WhenAny, implement them on GameTask and TaskSource instead Fixes transitions not working when no easing function is provided Update style test to reflect CSS spec Testing more performance metrics Add UI tests for transitions Menu: center the avatar panel again, by accounting for the left vertical bar (It also looks nicer with 21:9 now.) Menu: more adjustments to avatar panel + tweaked eye look Add menu option to create multiple sound events from selection https://files.facepunch.com/layla/1b0311b1/sbox_ctRq5YvZNX.png Remove useless line of code Change model thumbnail rendering back to an animated pose, forgot I had changed this Fix strange bug accessing DragData.Url if it wasn't set, checking for null would somehow fail? Hammer: Support drag drop from entity tree view because I keep finding myself trying to drag them in https://files.facepunch.com/layla/1b0311b1/sbox_TbxTgCp7lS.mp4 adding lit version material to advertising board, adjusted LOD geometry Merge branch 'master' of sbox more glass material adjustment adjust advertising material (compile fix?) PhysicsBody.GetDominantSurface returns 'default' when no shapes Give summaries to BaseNetworkable, INetworkSerializer, INetworkTable Throw error in vfxc if we fail to mask a section instead of failing silently Obsoleting GameCategoryTypes Just ignore GameCategory Fix streamdeck popup Documentation pass Hammer API: Add Selection.PivotPosition Add GameSetting.Step for Float types Game Settings: Fix float value sliders being integer only GameSettings: Fix string type settings not displaying Send fonts over network for local games Define default shader parameters for raw materials( Material.FromShader ) This fixes methods like Material.OverrideTexture from not working with procedural textures Fatter menu Strip unused WorldGroupWorldInfo Introduce Material.Set so you can change all attributes within a material or shader This allows you to create materials completely in C# Fix worldgroup crash on server shutdown, see comment in CWorldGameSystem::LoadWorldGroupInfo Add Color Fix crash when compiling material New Outfit Piece! - Puffer Jacket LODs and skinning adjustments coming ASAP. https://files.facepunch.com/daniel/1b0411b1/sbox-dev_TYMTx5v14i.jpg + Some texture adjustments to jumpsuits. Fix crash when changing maps PerformanceTrace Physics World Step Add perf trace for EvaluatePose Add perf trace on trace + prediction Implement PhysicsShape.RemoveTag Only change datatable tags on the server (suspect this will fix https://sentry.io/share/issue/2446b124736f483ea51358d927983db6/ Implemented usage of ValidationAttributes to PropertySheet https://files.facepunch.com/rubat/1b0411b1/sbox-dev_NBbW8ZiRDE.mp4 Any of System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.* attributes work, including custom ones. There are helper functions for this on TypeLibrary and PropertyDescription classes as well. Use validation attributes on Asset publish inspector Try to generate a better default value for asset identifier Citizen/clothing: minor jumpsuit tweaks Fix crash when shutting down during a level transition Update comments Merge pull request #606 from Facepunch/proceedural-materials ```cs public static void SetupCustomMaterial(ModelEntity myModel) { Material m = Material.Create( "my_cool_material", "simple" ); m.Set( "g_vColorTint", Color.Red ); m.Set( "g_flMetalness", 1.0f ); m.Set( "Color", Texture.White ); m.Set( "Roughness", Texture.White ); m.Set( "Normal", Texture.Transparent ); myModel.SetMaterialOverride( m ); } ``` https://files.facepunch.com/ognik/1b0511b1/199966083-b7e9a595-98b3-4e9d-8cc0-b5850db444f8.png Fixed getters for Widget.Max/MinimumHeight returning width Default ZNear to 4, not 10 if its not set Fixes ultrawide aspects being able to see through walls in Sandbox, etc. Fixed description of SceneCamera.BackgroundColor Fixed Entity.AddOutputEvent setting times to fire to 0 Now is infinite like expected. Citizen/animgraph: first draft of scale_height feature https://files.facepunch.com/maxlebled/1b0811b1/scale_height_first_draft.webm Citizen: adjusted how limbs scale with height Merge branch 'master' into custom-client-input