1 Year Ago
Add Client.IsFriend Fix compiler not finding runtime game dll when compiling runtime addon Can get TypeDescription by fullname (namespace.typename) Runtime addons can define their primary class Fixed codegen removing all namespaces in generated files This is primarily for property initializers Properly fix codegen removing all namespaces Load System.Security.Cryptography.Algorithms.dll, System.Security.Cryptography.Primitives.dll - and whitelist System.Security.Cryptography System.Net.WebSockets for tool addons Greatly increase depth precision for world, fix decals in VR, don't do viewmodel offsetting at all on VR Fix Undefined Behaviour In Tiled Rendering vr: make debugoverlay work on right-eye again, don't constantly change render target to swapchain vr: debugoverlay behaves properly for multiview instancing now too Outfit Reskins Variations + LODs Update shaders with adjustments for tiled rendering projected decal shader: adjust the instance id under multiview instancing so it actually appears in the right eye - decal space position still seems off though Release shader for projected decals Get rid of anaglyph and parallel stereo rendering modes r_stereo_multiview_instancing: default 1, same as VR Add Debug menu options for stereo rendering to the editor ( easy way to see if your game renders properly in VR ) Local packages untangled from remote packages Local packages now end in #local and are completely separate from remote packages. This means you don't have to disable your game project to test the published version. It also means your launch configs are now broken. To fix just go in the config for each one and set them back up. I've updated the Game list page to razor so we could have the local game tab. Don't bother with multiview instancing unless we explicitely want it, previous behaviour was to always ignore it even when we wanted it, fixes decals and other stuff in VR Fix r_stereo_multiview_instancing affecting non stereo rendering projected decals: small compile fix for shader Clothing Texture Variations + Makeup Merge branch 'master' of sbox release shaders for projected decals - should fully behave in VR now Update sentry-native 0.5.2, add Crashpad WER handler which bypasses SEH to handle __fastfail and stack buffer overrun crashes vr: particle renderer don't initialize 4x vbos for instancing, only need 2x vr: fix cables renderer adjusting the transform id the wrong way, cables will render in right eye again Launcher: first draft for selecting addons for game configurations https://files.facepunch.com/devultj/1b1611b1/sbox_pbcF7SRE4R.mp4 Less debug spam Switch to new find/get api endpoints Don't use localhost api - I knew I was gonna do this eventually Unfuck VR culling frustum which was causing scene objects to get rejected thinking they were only visible on 0.1% of the screen vr: don't transform hand's angular velocity to anchored pose, it's not something you want or expect to be affected by it Fix Panel.OnParametersSet getting called twice Hammer: Try to guess static overlay projection distance from scaling more crash fix for when m_pInterpolatedBoneTransformWeights is nullptr, missed checking the src vr: controller poses scale properly with VR.Scale now, so your hands are where you expect them Add GetName & Count to MorphCollection Extra info for ModelEntity.SetMaterialOverride overlaods Fix incorrect blending on spritecard, makes render scene test pass Fix tags not going to the datatable on client only entities, stopping collisions and traces working properly adjusted bird_spikes size to be grid size+ LOD tweak tweaked bird_spikes LOD2 tweak ad board to have the glass on the grid and reduce z-fight on LODs Sprite card compiled shader with fixes https://i.imgur.com/B1O3Eqc.png Revert "Sprite card compiled shader with fixes" This reverts commit ed5cfdcc2bd94d525dc48e55373bad7f0889747f. Fix typo on spritecard We only need to rebuild the panel's box if yoga or our parent position changed Add checker for HasNewLayout Don't try to cache null packages Fix transitions causing recursive selector checks Speed up HasClasses Refactor Panel system so PreLayout only recurses when it really really needs to Only call FinalLayout if we need to https://files.facepunch.com/garry/8df37b66-e43c-4c46-9123-022f6888b7e7.png Fix backwards compatibility Fix exception with "say" on dedicated servers vr: controllers linear velocity affected by VR.Scale too RenderHook works in VR as you'd expect without needing to do anything, passing the multiview instancing combo as expected ( doesn't fuck up through monitors either too ) Viewmodels can multiview instance, not really useful but less annoying in debug Merge branch 'master' into custom-client-input