1 Year Ago
Fix Shape Buffer not being generated and being cleared at wrong moment Prototype directional AO, fix reflections not showing up on shaders Send proxy mesh info as proper capsules rather than ellipsoids (which has always been silly), unify debug overlay code for them implement capsules in shader, encode directionality https://i.imgur.com/RMaTU6Q.png Implement capsule shape on reflections too https://i.imgur.com/ZEf0dxa.png Unify all aoproxy code so it's not a mess all around, makes it easier to add new shape types, add stubs for cylinder aoproxies Cylinder aoproxy meshes https://i.imgur.com/T36lRDH.png Dot product with geometric normals to avoid double occlusion on AO, fixes most artifacts Remove edge artifacting with ambient shadows https://i.imgur.com/GV8SXq3.png Misc tweaks and fixes, set default AO distance to 40, better self occlusion filter Move reflection compositing code to base code, add option to check if high quality reflctions are enabled to shader without a combo Disable aoproxy caching on models with animgraphs update shader objects Cleanup, better do vignietting Finish directional AO code before cleanup, use lightmap directionality if we are compositing to one Fix aoproxy shapes of most standard props Add support for high quality reflections in Complex shader Add high quality reflection option to complex Cleanup directional AO, have softer vigniette Some more prop aoproxy adjustments Fix flickering on directional AO probes Readd AOProxy instancing, batch AOProxies by LPV Increase precision of SDF tracing Fixed text panels not updating when string changed Merge branch 'master' into custom-client-input fixed holes and added LODs to the telegraph pole AssetSystem & GameData docs Sort asset references in inspector by type and name Makes it easier to see what's what. Also reduced vertical whitespace a bit. Added confirmation popups for deletion of assets/projects This also lets the user know what exactly will happen to the asset and project files upon removal/deletion. Fixed certain assets showing 2 icons in the browser AssetType.PrefersIconForThumbnail is now set correctly Remaining asset type/system docs More documentation Add SetRemoteDestination to trigger_teleport Validate organization thumbnails for asset.party selectors Validate AddonSelectorDialog org thumb - we've got 3 panels doing the same thing here, I'll unify them in the next couple of days Added multi-select support to Hammer's Entity Tool selector https://files.facepunch.com/devultj/1b1911b1/sbox_6eFNVff4fk.mp4 Removed GameSelectorDialog, renamed AddonSelectorDialog to PackageSelector Solves #621 PackageSelector uses Package.FindAsync Api Only try to sample from reflection buffer if we have reflections defined at all on the shader Add SceneParticles.SetControlPoint for rotation and transform Move ParticleAttachment to engine, this is something we'll need in tools, not just game Revert "Move ParticleAttachment to engine, this is something we'll need in tools, not just game" This reverts commit 1c9df82ec6bb1371f321125a19b915be853016eb. Add Application.CursorPosition setter (used for locking cursor in tools) Put ShapeManager on SceneWorld rather than in a singleton, fixes flickering with multiple panels Revert some experiments that shouldn't be in this branch Update shader files Sample default direction if we don't have a lightprobe Fix VR perspective on directional AO and reflections Menu: Open video settings navlink by default Partial fix for audio breaking when sounds are played really far away Documented BaseItemWidget Actions, added ItemDeselected, ItemsSelectedTo Remove AddonProperty, replaced usage with PackageSelectorProperty, added defaultSelection to PackageSelector, added placeholder UI to see current selection https://files.facepunch.com/devultj/1b2011b1/devenv_OUH7xVz5AK.mp4 PackageSelector: Re-added #local to local packages Citizen/clothing: disabled jiggle on hard hat ModelDoc: Added more info to "not in CONTENT folder" error message Added hotload_log engine convar New Dress + New Hair Fixing LOD1 of Tactical Vest Show all leaderboards in menu again Basic support for {map} leaderboard name substitution Only supported for MapSelect.Official Avatar screen subcategories and clothing variations (#626) Adds Parent to the Clothing GameResource Clothings with a Parent will be displayed as a variation in a separate panel Categorizes clothing items by their subcategory Updated a few items to have subcategories and parents Limit main menu leaderboard list to 5 items for now Hammer: Ability to reset selected material Asset Brower: Make disabled asset types a bit easier to read Prettify FBX asset name Add Model.AnimationCount and Model.GetAnimationName Add tooltips to collapsed sidebar of entity selector Add Model.MaterialGroupCount and Model.GetMaterialGroupName Complete fix for far away audio from breaking our sound system Closes sbox/issues/615 & sbox/issues/622 & sboxgame/issues/issues/2461 Set max height for package description in menu For sboxgame/issues/issues/2575 fixed cctv_globe/mount mesh orientation and naming, updated physics and prefabs Merge branch 'master' of sbox Clothing Outfit Orginised / Parented for Colour Variations Remove Compiler.ReportCompileDiagnostics - this was only used in non-tools mode and was double printing something already handled in CompileGroup Merge codegen diagnostics into Compiler.Diagnostics so errors/warnings show in editor error list or console in non-tools If codegen reports any diagnostics of error severity, fail the build ( warnings won't fail the build ) Don't run with rendersystemdx11 at all for content building, merge results on finish rather than on batches, reduce number of processors for testing Clean up some generator diagnostic descriptors, make them more clear, set severity to warning on warnings.. Non-static ConCmd.Client errors Add scrolling to leaderboard list in menu Always use addon map list for map leaderboards in menu CI worked perfectly with the previous thing, let's try without processor throttling Add -skiprendersystem param instead of forcing to it, map resourcecompiler needs GPU Merge pull request #614 from Facepunch/aoproxies-suck AOProxies Rework Fix addons targeting local projects erroring - don't use #local in addon compiler references, there's code further down that will favour local package If an addon doesn't target a specific game add a reference to base - Sandbox.Internal.AssemblyModifier seems to take care of all the references Organising of Hair / Parented + New Baseball Cap reskins Entities can use GameResource types in properties Styling consistency for game frame comboboxes Hovering asset list will show asset path in status bar Fix directional AO shipping without actual directionality Delete created sound(scape) entity when drag'n'dropping outside of a Hammer view Fallback code for Hammer drag'n'drop assets with spaces in their path New package facets api replaces categories Reducde RS2008 severity Fix RS1024 warnings Disallow re-publishing downloaded assets from asset.party Fixed an exception when right clicking assets in "Dependencies" tab Show cloud downloaded assets outside of "Asset.Party" category too Fixed a warning in RuntimeAddon Generator: Replace ConCmd.Server|Admin attribute to include method signature (when needed), supports having two ConCmds with the same method name. Fixes sboxgame/issues/issues/2577 Added link to remote asset to OMG SUCCESS window And to right click on assets in asset browser in not asset.party category Sound preview in Sound Event editor stops on panel destroy Add disable mesh merging setting to prop_static Added PostUI render hook sboxgame/issues/issues/2436 Update steam audio to 4.1.2 Re-enable embree for steam audio again Improve selection & style for items with variations Merge branch 'master' into custom-client-input