1 Year Ago
Fix high quality reflections showing checkerboards when it shouldnt Give QMenu a minimum width Fixed sound preview button not appearing for soundscapes Added sound preview for .sound resources in inspector Updated map template to not have missing KVs and use correct PP ent Documentation & cleanups PackageSelector specify a query e.g type:game instead of Package.Type.Gamemode, fix Hammer Add Game showing all non-game packages too Implement Soundscape.MasterVolume GameResources in maps properly adding asset system references Disallow editing of cloud downloaded game resources Optimize Prediction.WasPredicted, iterate RpcHistory backwards to delete previous ticks Don't Prediction.Watch when prediction isn't enabled, won't needlessly fill up RpcHistory when using the Sound system clientside only or any other ClientRpc systems Fix clothing list not rendering initially Add ContextMenu which automatically deletes itself on close. Try to use this whenever popping up a one time context menu. Move Project Enabled context menu option to first position Return early in DrawTextBox if rect is invalid Sully the project list with stats and warnings Allow for point light mixed light shadows Remove old lightbinner that isn't used Remove FOG_LIGHTING_MODE_BAKED_NOSHADOWS, it's only used for hammer preview and just confuses people, default lights to affect fog Make Henyey-Greenstein curve from dynamic fog match luminosity of baked fog, improve TAA on fog https://imgur.com/a/h4G7Qr4 Fix baked fog Make voxel resolution from env_volumetric_fog_controller be less confusing and match the description of combined lights, default indirect lighting to 1, increase draw distance Completely eliminate flicker on far fog clipmaps while reducing ghosting New Outfit Piece! - Smart Jacket LODs coming ASAP. https://files.facepunch.com/daniel/1b2511b1/sbox-dev_xqXleftbBj.jpg Revert "Allow for point light mixed light shadows" This reverts commit 46e7af989de7c83b3c8b8898978b88da7145c4e6. Hat LODs Bucket Hat, Nerdy Glasses, Fedora and Flatcap now have LODs pass on the light material (lamp post, ceiling light etc) and prefabs Merge branch 'master' of sbox Adjust editor console styling. https://files.facepunch.com/rubat/1b2511b1/A0aAcWaH3M.png Don't do tiled rendering on skybox, unlikely to yield any gains, fixes all the remaining problems on tiled rendering due to ordering Backport UI fixes that were on resource-refactor branch, makes it stop asserting like crazy on debug Eye shader now adapts the iris to the luminosity of the env 👀 https://i.imgur.com/lLUm03S.png Add parallax to citizen's eyes https://i.imgur.com/ItsxkjG.png Rust player has the same eyes Rework how Tools.GameData handles new assemblies, only reloading entities from them and batch them to refresh, go from consuming 140ms -> 8ms on hotloads. Fix local packages and make older asset.party assemblies work. DisplayInfo cache Skip byte order marks when trying to compile shaders sboxgame/issues/issues/2533 Don't cutoff rough high quality reflections, we already have optimizations to deal with that, fix directionality of directional AO when there's no lightmaps https://i.imgur.com/eA8f4pJ.png Fix GameData accepting inherited [HammerEntity] as a map class, it's explicit on every entity Tools compile newly enabled games on localaddons.changed - tools need games compiled for GameData and GameResource assets Eyes have roughness mask too https://i.imgur.com/tSxAguq.png Fix editors (hammer, modeldoc, etc.) autosaves for files outside of the game directory Clarify addon's PrimaryType field Double click project row to open properties Package Settings page Use project settings window to configure asset packages Project publish wizard foundation Enforce/Signal package ident length to avoid silent fails Get rid of IWebProgress, add simple action callback instead New publisher works Delete old PublishWindow Merge fix Upload wizard fixes Clean up and make it all work for non single file projects Clear the package cache after successful upload so it'll be usable immediately Delete PackageSettings page, replace with button Fix map list not displaying tagged maps for #local packages Fix package card's body text sometimes shrinking and getting clipped Minor avatar screen cleanup Startup time diagnostics Add Sandbox.Utility.DisposeAction More startup time diagnostics Hotload diagnostics Compiler diagnostics Merge branch 'master' into custom-client-input