1 Year Ago
Copy over changes for shader resources Remove old .vfx, .vcs Forgot some vpc files Build content Update assettypes.txt Update resourcecompilersystem.cpp Forgot shader asset type images Impl GetErrorResource for shader type manager so we get an error shader when shader can't be found Enable all modes for error shader Recompile all core shader resources from master Update high_quality_reflections shader Recompile base shaders Update Graphics.Paint and PanelRenderer Update shaders.def Make damn sure all shaders are packed from vcs from master Material doesn't grab shaders from resource system anymore until I figure out why it was fucking up Switch back to using resource system to get shaders for material, remove vfx dictionary Free shaders for static combos that have zero ref count Destroy static combo shaders when deallocating shader resource Create all modes for error material.. again Switch to error resource if setting up static combos for mode fails Switch to ResourceIsError for other places that need to check if a shader is error Remove deallocate logs Simplify mat_reloadshaders, just do a shader and used materials blocking reload Fix assert on material layer destructor, static combo ref count should be fine to be zero here, we probably should reloaded shader update all_shaders.txt Allow access to material attributes without asserting, if modes have loaded Delete me_shaderselect.cpp Don't publish core/*.shader to steam 🦆