1 Year Ago
Fixed changing asset types breaking paths with spaces in Asset Browser Added asset type locations to Everything in Hammer https://files.facepunch.com/rubat/1b0111b1/4YRjDUkg2p.png This only includes stuff that can be drag'n'dropped in Hammer Fix soundscape drag'n'drop not applying offset from hit surface New Outfit! - Bomber Jacket https://files.facepunch.com/daniel/1b0111b1/slack_sEoatXbAqn.png LODs and skinning adjustments coming. aoproxies: fix crash when a non-anim sceneobject has bones and aoproxies, the game used to override sceneobjects to be anim so this code made assumptions aoproxies: optimize loop over aoProxies by ref instead of copying Add SceneParticles.SetControlPoint that takes a snapshot Cleanup AO functions Make sure we have scene worlds before fetching one for the shape manager CShapeManager: all of this should be const auto& Can we stop pushing `#pragma optimize("",off)` to master Remove vr_ prefix from things that aren't actually dependent on VR vr_msaa is VR exclusive Typo :S Bomber Jacket LODs Plus adjustments to Hivis Jacket LOD3 shape Recursive content recompile Skater Helmet LODs + Modeldoc adjustments to Hivis light prefabs tweak, adding missing LOD to some models, model physic setup Merge branch 'master' of sbox Smart Jacket LODs removing test asset Merge branch 'master' of sbox Added Input.SetViewAngles - actually sets view angles Use Input.SetViewAngles for setpos/setang & Game.MoveToSpawnpoint Added Go To option to entity list in tools (uses setpos concommand) Fix cable_dynamic entity not existing Merge branch 'master' into custom-client-input