1 Year Ago
Copy over changes for shader resources Remove old .vfx, .vcs Forgot some vpc files Build content Update assettypes.txt Update resourcecompilersystem.cpp Forgot shader asset type images Impl GetErrorResource for shader type manager so we get an error shader when shader can't be found Enable all modes for error shader Recompile all core shader resources from master Update high_quality_reflections shader Recompile base shaders Update Graphics.Paint and PanelRenderer Update shaders.def Make damn sure all shaders are packed from vcs from master Material doesn't grab shaders from resource system anymore until I figure out why it was fucking up Switch back to using resource system to get shaders for material, remove vfx dictionary Free shaders for static combos that have zero ref count Destroy static combo shaders when deallocating shader resource Create all modes for error material.. again Switch to error resource if setting up static combos for mode fails Switch to ResourceIsError for other places that need to check if a shader is error Remove deallocate logs Simplify mat_reloadshaders, just do a shader and used materials blocking reload Fix assert on material layer destructor, static combo ref count should be fine to be zero here, we probably should reloaded shader update all_shaders.txt Allow access to material attributes without asserting, if modes have loaded Delete me_shaderselect.cpp Don't publish core/*.shader to steam 🦆 Update vfx_compile_helpers_d3d11.cpp update content from master Merge branch 'master' into shader-resources update core materials from master Add shader macros back in Fix crash hopefully stopping build-content from failing Merge pull request #651 from Facepunch/shader-resources Shader resources Build content Don't free shaders for unused static combos until I figure out why it's crashing Just get rid of FreeAllUnreferencedData, shaders are destroyed when resource is, so this shouldn't be needed and if it is we can do it better anyway particle procedural mat uses shaders/spritecard.shader for shader keyvalue Make mat_print_shaders work again, mostly just for my own use Make mat_print_shader_info work again null check resource data when deallocating shader resource (can this even happen tho?) assign layer shader to error resource if it couldn't load the shader we want Don't try to set default textures for raw material that has error shader Dont use GetErrorResource, it's fucking us up Don't try to deallocate error resource, because this is a thing that happens apparently :S Actually load all modes for error material, check for the actual error shader was wrong Remove refcount from vfx, the resource now has the refcount Add back ogniks fix for sboxgame/issues/issues/2533 Maps can use entities from addons tagged "map entity", these addons are mounted for the map independent of game and are accessible from Hammer entity tool Fallback to error shader if setting up static combos for mode fails Remove some parts of material editor still assuming .vfx so we can start phasing it out Compile optimized versions of all base addon shaders Force shaders changes in base to always compile optimized We keep pushing unoptimized shaders. End user ends up having to compile them all the time when they want to build optimized shaders. Lets force base to always be optimized so we don't make this mistake again Fix mat_reloadshaders not trimming properly, check if shader resource file even exists for good measure Revert back to the old way of reloading materials, blocking resource reload isn't stable Removed SteamVRImport as it was unused Fix mat_reloadshaders not finding all the proper materials it needs to reload Blocking load static combo requests, seeing little or no benefit to async and it's fucking us over Fix foliage shader always failing MD5 check, rare situation where the shader has a program defined (geometry shader) with no code inside Fix Graphics.DrawRoundedRectangle not drawing a border SetDefaultToRendersystemEmpty for vfxcompile, this should allow it to run on build server I hope Cleanup and strip native postprocess pipeline and shader, fix dx11 validation error, remove unused combos, features & attribute - remove unused convars: r_post_fxaa, r_post_vignette, r_post_film_grain, r_post_mirror_horizontal, r_post_mirror_vertical Add mat_free_shaders so I can see how many unreferenced shaders can be destroyed Build rendersystemempty when building shaders Fix directional lightmaps and tangents on shadingmodel (including blendable), cleanup blendable, make directional lightmap settings not user editable since they're bullshit for artists We always want fast compile on iterations Recompile blendable Unify alphatested depth prepass stuff to r_depth_prepass, force it to have conservative culling, fixes aliasing on what's otherwise a fine painting to be put in a museum https://i.imgur.com/l5kIX0T.png We do want to depth prepass in monitor views, it's much faster Revert "Unify alphatested depth prepass stuff to r_depth_prepass, force it to have conservative culling, fixes aliasing on what's otherwise a fine painting to be put in a museum" This reverts commit aef55245f9cb3c500db9e32259cbde7f4b9f616d. Load spritecard shader with the main shader manager manifest so hopefully map compiler always has it loaded BuildShaders.bat needs to build the whole resource system now because shaders and resources. So do that. Fixed numerous Rust models having incorrect collision We aren't actually encoding normals on standard shader, so let's fix that, also let's have it DXT5 instead of BC7 Allow to add non-forbidden headers to Http requests, we should replace this whole class soon Drop some shader related breadcrums Warn us if we can't open file stream for static combo decompression, I don't know if CUtlStreamBuffer warns us Fix editor crash on exit (causing layout to not save) Compile optimized base shaders again Redo public MSAA shader api & update glass/passthrough for it Should fix that random d3d11 error we get Fix potential NRE in Panel.TickInternal() OnAssetFileChanged doesn't throw an exception when the file was deleted Handle and report template parsing exception Fixed exception reporting wrongly classifying old addons as engine exceptions Fix menu exceptions getting ignored Error reporting classify tools propertly Update exception dsn This test is a bit subjective, lets give it more breathing room Moved network and api protocol into src/common/protocol.h, deleted unused version stuff Oops, unmangle engine.def Merge branch 'master' into custom-client-input