1 Year Ago
Cleanup high quality reflections shader Add AMD SSSR, pixel.raytrace.hlsl Add some extra constants to PerViewConstantBuffer_t Iterate on SSR Iterate on SSR Iterate on SSR Use actual depth from projection rather than a depth sample for initial fetch Cleanup Allow option for downsampling it all in a single pass Add SCENE_RTGT_SCRATCH_TEXTURE_32F_MIPPED for doing min/max depth comparison, remove unused crap Do mipped downsample of depth buffer for SSR, cleanup code more Trace through mipchain Do last frame copy for SSR Preliminary accumulation, composition and reprojection Iterate reconstruction and reprojection Just changing the view angles doesn't imply in confidence change, offset does Do reprojection with higher precision, use SDF refletions if confidence is low Better reconstruction and denoising Reproject from hit position Bigger reconstruction radius if confidence sucks, avoid fireflies Put a simple TraceSSRWorldRay function with TraceResult_t in pixel.raytrace.ssr Finish reprojection, cleanup entire code, iterate on denoise Allow MSAA fetch from AddBlitTextureToTargetLayer