1 Year Ago
Render Tags (#758) * Initial commit / backup * Copy entity tags to scene object on initial/change, and ensure light entity's sceneobject is actually the right one * remove unused HasTag overload * Support "world" tag to render only or exclude static objects and hammer geometry * Typo * Include/exclude sunlight and other lights according to set tags * Copy tags to sceneobject on create, and update when tags added/removed from entity. support lights * Let's respect the camera's exclude / render tags in HighlightRenderer * Add tag checks in DrawSceneObject too * Remove unused GetTags overload * Remove unused * ITagSet, SimpleTagSet. Have camera use SimpleTagSet, have sceneobjects use SceneObjectTags * GetAll ->TryGetAll. Use HasExclude/HasRenderTag when adding tag * Only ITagSet is a public interface, hide everything else away * Fix sillyness * Tags property Add cache for lobby member counts - should stop it taking up a bunch of frame time Add Saved Game styling for new lobby Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/sbox Get rid of "generic" tag from DamageInfo.Generic - it's not really needed and didn't match its summary Menu: Scheduled Events (#750) - Added events widget to main menu based on data from https://asset.party Use DateTimeOffset instead of DateTime, fixed NiceTime returning the wrong plurals Fix read past stream error when using [ClientInput] on properties with unsupported types and instead log a warning Initialize using hostfxr, Interop is c# dominant Fetch news dynamically on the main menu Add install script Make error nicer Use nethost to locate the dotnet installation Upload symbols last Update ci.yml Fix party lobby invites failing because lobby metadata doesn't initially exist for private lobbies. Fetch, add to queue and process invite on SteamMatchmaking_OnLobbyDataChanged Prioritize game lobby invitation if it exists, listen to gamelobby.invite event and show menu overlay Fixed incorrect arguments for gamelobby.invite When joining from a gamelobby invite, navigate to /lobby/front Social: Fixed newest chat overlay message showing the wrong message, or no data at all Remove OpenGL only IVfx::GetDriverInfo() Remove few remaining referenecs to vfx_dx9 and vfx_gl Remove GLSL and HLSL3 from the HLSL annotation parser Delete vfx_gl vfx_dx9 files Don't need per vfx generated antlr code or intermediate dirs vfx cleanup, get rid of vmpi from vfxc and other shit Restore coreclr AMSI patch with new hostfxr init Fixed particles not going to sleep properly Now happens after the 10 second delay of not rendering like expected Setting a control point on a particle system wakes it up Fixes rain particles not returning after staying outside a precipitation volume for 10+ seconds. Do not error when precipitation volume entity is given empty particle paths Stop looping sounds on destruction of the sound entities snd_event_alignedbox and snd_event_point specifically Citizen/animgraph: some readability clean-up (node names, comments...) Events Widget displays all events, can click through them https://files.facepunch.com/devultj/1b3011b1/sbox_hkJZYAZrYP.mp4 Don't mount local map projects when running the packaged version Request lobby data of advertised lobbies in chat so they stop appearing untilted Oops, Refresh was renamed RefreshData sometime today Added failing test for hotloading constructed generic MethodInfos Fixed hotloading generic MethodInfos Added extra test for MethodInfos with generic declaring types Added more delegate hotloading tests, one failing Fixed hotload case with lambdas in generic declaring type Fixes #759 Update shader builder Can pick through most recent blogs https://files.facepunch.com/devultj/1b3111b1/sbox_98oV9HjC2J.mp4 ModelDoc: Copy bone merged flexes from parent Attempt to fix 1D blendspace not syncing properly when children aren't looping and have different playback speeds https://files.facepunch.com/layla/1b3111b1/sbox-dev_rq4MMzHzRQ.mp4 Documentation pass Internalize some methods EntityComponent.ResetComponentId ScreenEffects.VignetteSettings.Apply Remove pointless IEntity overrides in Entity So that Entity can get IEntity's docs without extra work Added way to ignore assemblies by name in hotloads Ignore Sandbox.Tools during client / server / menu hotloads Fixes #765 Settings menu improvements (#770) * ButtonGroup can hold a value and treated as a form option * Switch Video Mode, VSync, Anti-Aliasing, Texture Filtering, and Game Language from DropDown to ButtonGroup * Each settings page has its own Restore Default/Cancel/Save Changes button * Fixed Save Changes button not highlighting when things are changed * Implement Restore Default action for all settings * Added .is-label to Glass styles, used it for settings labels * Stage keybind changes and only applied after pressing Save Changes Revert 1D blend changes - it's fucked Fix remainder of debug vis on Material API shaders Recompile blendable with debug vis support https://i.imgur.com/KcF0ZV0.png Cleanup high quality reflections shader Add AMD SSSR, pixel.raytrace.hlsl Add some extra constants to PerViewConstantBuffer_t Iterate on SSR Iterate on SSR Iterate on SSR Use actual depth from projection rather than a depth sample for initial fetch Cleanup Allow option for downsampling it all in a single pass Add SCENE_RTGT_SCRATCH_TEXTURE_32F_MIPPED for doing min/max depth comparison, remove unused crap Do mipped downsample of depth buffer for SSR, cleanup code more Trace through mipchain Do last frame copy for SSR Preliminary accumulation, composition and reprojection Iterate reconstruction and reprojection Just changing the view angles doesn't imply in confidence change, offset does Do reprojection with higher precision, use SDF refletions if confidence is low Better reconstruction and denoising Reproject from hit position Bigger reconstruction radius if confidence sucks, avoid fireflies Put a simple TraceSSRWorldRay function with TraceResult_t in pixel.raytrace.ssr Finish reprojection, cleanup entire code, iterate on denoise Allow MSAA fetch from AddBlitTextureToTargetLayer Finish denoising and reprojection, only composite pixels that have really high confidence Fix AddBlitTextureToTargetLayer not clearing if target has different color mode than source Reenable Mip Chain, correctly generate mipmap chain for depth Really doesn't need a big number of samples when going through mipchain, tweak SDF trace roughness Redo TAA using luminance as confidence Do the inverse, accumulate samples from noisy areas Do TAA on hit confidence history Don't use scratch render targets for AO & Reflections, they don't give us a render target at the resolution we want, only the viewport, add FindOrCreateFrameBufferRT which is easier to work with instead, add denoising layer Add AddHighQualityReflectionsLayers to clean things up