1 Year Ago
Squashed commit of SSR branch Finish denoising Don't use single pass downsampling for depth downsample without having memory barriers, optimize it to accept writing to a single channel rather than 4 Add downsample material for c++ side of downsampler Some final tweaks and compile optimized shaders Copy back last denoised frame so that we don't collide with memory in CS Fix pixel fraction sampling on Catmull-Rom sampling Cleanup, add Complex shader with SSR support Fix noising with catmull-rom function Cleanup, move ReprojectFromLastFrame to common code Do half pixel offset on intersection reprojection Actually add ReprojectFromLastFrameSs to common.fxc Update game/addons/base/shaders/reflection_denoise_cs.shader Co-authored-by: Chloe <25727384+ogniK5377@users.noreply.github.com> Cleanup Rebase tweaks