1 Year Ago
Squashed commit of SSR branch Finish denoising Don't use single pass downsampling for depth downsample without having memory barriers, optimize it to accept writing to a single channel rather than 4 Add downsample material for c++ side of downsampler Some final tweaks and compile optimized shaders Copy back last denoised frame so that we don't collide with memory in CS Fix pixel fraction sampling on Catmull-Rom sampling Cleanup, add Complex shader with SSR support Fix noising with catmull-rom function Cleanup, move ReprojectFromLastFrame to common code Do half pixel offset on intersection reprojection Actually add ReprojectFromLastFrameSs to common.fxc Update game/addons/base/shaders/reflection_denoise_cs.shader Co-authored-by: Chloe <25727384+ogniK5377@users.noreply.github.com> Cleanup Rebase tweaks Add SoftShadowPenumbra to pixel.raytrace.sdf, correct SSR tracing cone, add gaussian post processing step Use GGX importance sampling for intersection Some adjustments on denoising with GGX sampling, compile shaders Fix SDF reflections having wrong roughness Do contact hardening on SSR reflections, better reconstruction https://i.imgur.com/lY5VTE5.png Remove shitty artifacts while in motion, do denoising reconsruction much better Remove neighbors that aren't reflected in our buffer, compile optimized shaders Start implementing AMD DNSR Support for multidimentional arrays on vfx Simplify how we pass reflection layers, setup extra rendertargets for new denoiser Setup and all 3 denoise passes in a single shader Fix UAV assignment and reprojection delta