6 Months Ago
Recompile all materials again Apparently they had old CRCs? Scenes rendered from Sandbox.Tools apply an SVF_TOOL_VIEW flag, primarily this will stop stereo rendering on it material/prefab updates Package cleanup (#887) Added singleton PackageManager which handles all package downloading, installing. LocalProjects are self compiling and their assemblies are used to mock a Package. beer bottle changed from mesh phys to capsule and cylinder Merge branch 'master' of sbox Fix download speed Fix startup error when no ContentPath Wrap initial package loading in a try get and noisily ignore load errors instead of bootstrap init false When loading a tool package, load toolbase too Fix swapchain assert when closing editor window Fix typo in material compiler where it'd keep upgrading materials, provide some feedback too MET standardize shader to shader_c Recompile the rest of the materials that were using legacy paths before (hopefully this is all of them now) Hammer: Max lightmap resolution 8k as 16k is impractical and never worked Hammer: Fix entities from remote packages by using new PackageManager API Fix crashes/weirdness when extruding subdivided faces in Hammer sboxgame/issues/issues/2987 Report and skip when failed to install a local package Fix exception when reporting exception in event.run Give a warning when hotloading asset but couldn't load json adding concrete hotspot mat/texture, updating bricks texture for tiling continuity Merge branch 'master' of sbox Merge branch 'master' into sgraph-comments