1 Year Ago
When finding dependant assets always search the same path first before any other Fixes a case where the assetsystem would get confused and infinitely recompile an asset if it had a dependancy across 2 addons, e.g: dm98's dm_crowbar.vmdl depends on crowbar01.fbx which exists in: 1. addons/citizen/models/citizen_props/crowbar01.fbx 2. addons/dm98/models/citizen_props/crowbar01.fbx Now it'll always favour 2 because it's in the same addon Group Proxy preview updates when editing Transforms in the property sheet sboxgame/issues/issues/2990 Include assembly name in type identity calculation Fixes a rare issue when there are multiple types with same full name. sboxgame/issues/issues/2939 New Hair! - Big Scruffy Beard https://files.facepunch.com/daniel/1b2911b1/sbox-dev_MvCKICBk1H.jpg Quick fix to Monobrow grey .clothing file profile picture Fixed game window drag'n'drop being an error with multiple files sboxgame/issues/issues/3017 Mark some of our base libraries without HasAssets, hide them in asset browser - I'm not too sure about including base just yet Fixed project templates listview getting cut off https://files.facepunch.com/devultj/1b3011b1/HVoY9GSNkU.png Give menu addon an asset path again Fix loading addons in tools registering their events + cleanup Hammer package integration USP Match Pistol art pass for the USP pistol includes viewmodel and worldmodel meshes https://files.facepunch.com/rickgreeve/Vs3XVgXn2y.jpg USP fixes normal error fixed bodygroup setup improvements Tools always load local packages on active Rubikon: Ray cast optimizations against meshes from Dirk Make asset browser custom asset types refresh on tool compiles again EditorModelAttribute: strip _c from path Remove SFM/Dota/Etc stuff from rendering pipeline (#904) * Initialize lightShades so we don't get undefined behaviour when summing them, should still be mostly stubbed out by the compiler anyway if shadingmodel doesn't use it * Delete all code, shaders and dependencies from other rendering pipelines * Rewrite visualize_physics without deferred and deprecated stuff, also fix a bug with depth sorting * Fix references to old pipelines on remainder of shaders * Fix debug_sunshadow, update all_shaders list and delete compiled shaders for stuff we don't use anymore * Remove HSL Grain and old Volumetrics from SFM, note that SFM lights already cast volumetrics in our pipeline without that * Fix crash on moviedoc on maps with volumetrics * Revert deletion of debug_sunshadow_vis.vmat * Put RecoverWorldPosFromProjectedDepthAndRay on shared code Remove Panel.SetNeedsFinalLayout Remove PanelStyle.sortedRules, no need to reverse AllStyleSheets Build style rules in parallel (prevent ui hitching) HashSet benchmarks Unit test fixes Fix not updating layout on screen scale changes Adjust VS project names for built-in editor addons Move tools.package.loaded event to ToolsDll Fixed obsolete warning adding concrete material variation Merge branch 'master' of sbox Prevent game crashes when overflowing string tables Add tooltips to sound preview buttons Added failing test reproducing #929 Stricter test for #929 Fixed #929 Fixed IServerDll hotload not being able to resolve package assemblies Fixed ReflectionExtensions.ResolveType Used to not respect the assembly load context of the target module Merge branch 'master' of sbox Sandbox.UI.Panel documentation Merge branch 'master' into sgraph-comments Fix layering Better layer system + normalize layers Can just drag a comment node to select and drag its contents too. Double click a comment node to select only the node itself