11 Months Ago
adding chain link fence models/textures/material/tileset Citizen/animgraph: changed the logic used to disable the scale_height pelvis height offset to a tag-based state machine + other minor improvements ShaderGraph: Add Texture Cube node https://files.facepunch.com/layla/1b2611b1/sbox_GNWEjlZAAv.png Trim _c off asset drag drop, fixes compiled only models being dragged in New Outfit Piece! - Loose Trousers https://files.facepunch.com/daniel/1b2611b1/sbox-dev_DZQW1epzxX.jpg Adjustments to skinning and LODs coming asap fixed security shutter length Package reference fixes (#965) * Use PackageReference for referencing packages, References for referencing assemblies * Fixed test passing for the wrong reason * Rename Compiler.PackageReference to PackageReferences * Don't fast hotload if a referenced assembly has changed * More assembly / package reference strictness * Made generic method resolving / comparing stricter * We need to re-resolve all member references in fast-hotloaded methods * More precise logic when deciding if a referencing assembly can be fast-hotloaded * Constructor resolution regression fix * Some cleanup in ILGeneratorExtensions * Hotload.GetMethods helper now matches name * Access control now caches assembly definitions by name + version * Assert that the correct assembly definition version is resolved * Keep exactly the outgoing assembly definition cached, but dispose older versions * Clean up AccessControl.Resolve a bit * WIP referencing fast-hotloaded assembly fix * Fixed unloading IsolatedAssemblyContexts during fast hotload * Remove some logging * Fix menu breaking after hotload * WIP force-reload assemblies that depend on a changed package * Allow resolving newer assembly versions * PackageLoader.LoadAssemblyFromPackage cleanup * Only force an assembly reload if dependent package did a full hotload * Fix exception in ContextTools.DetermineContext in fast hotloaded methods * Init TypeLibrary in TestUI.Panels.PanelTests * Description codegen: just allow multiple [Description] instead of being non-deterministic Hammer 'convert model to mesh' respects bodygroups for models with source files Added support for bodygroups on static props Remove Steam Audio (#990) * Removed steamaudio from soundsystem, map builder, hammer * Obsolete ReverbScale / ReverbVolume Adjust mixgraph to fix muffled audio Fix gamemode & map error report tags getting set to null or previously loaded game PET: Render sound pitch scale default to 1.0 Don't land on the blank lobby page after leaving a game Fixes the occasional blank menu on disconnect Let us show tools that only show up in non-retail mode Speculative fix for sound events ran in tools Fixed publishing addons referencing libraries * Added helper DistinctReferences / DistinctPackageReferences properties to include all system / package references respectively. * For addon packages, DistinctPackageReferences will include the parent package. Improvements to package selector Restrict ability to select multiple games/maps for launch configs. Do not require holding CTRL when selecting multiple addons for a launch config (Added BaseItemWidget.ToggleSelect) Package selector properly selects initial selected items on open Use Asset Picker for selecting local maps in Launch Configs Assert when creating scene object with model that has no visible meshes, this would result in no native scene object being created and the next handle to mess up Check if model has visible meshes before creating scenemap models Resolve map name for scenemap so it's more forgiving with the map name you give it Don't set light probe textures if they're null Allow resolving newer versions of assemblies in AccessControl Bin Man Outfit https://files.facepunch.com/daniel/1b2811b1/sbox-dev_AOAV6ReGJF.jpg Citizen/clothing: rigged "waistcoat and shirt" item Editor: Add option to render specific thumbnail in the clothing editor When loading multiple packages, sort by references Make sure that a referenced package is loaded before the packages that reference it. Possible fix for #996 Added test for Package.SortByReferences() Remove some logging Move game specific events to GameEvents, keep Event.Hotload and Event.Debug.Overlay, mark others obsolete (#993) Error when compiling if event listener method has incorrect params based on MethodArguments attribute (#992) * Initial commit * Nicer error * Use an error id thats not used * Use full name when getting attribute so dont process this for some other random attribute with the same name * Apply to any attr * Change error title * Remove unused using statements Add GameEvent.Server.ClientJoined and GameEvent.Server.ClientDisconnect events Addon packages should reference package.base too Fixed several materials having incorrect surface Update cref value Fixed analog actions NRE caused by a silly typo Citizen/animgraph: added a new "slide" special movement state https://files.facepunch.com/maxlebled/1b2911b1/sbox_2023-04-29_23-02-50.mp4 Clean up template maps Updated preview flat (modeldoc testmap) Fix up obsolete event usage in Sandbox.Game Don't pass KeyboardModifiers in input actions related methods anymore ManifestGroups cleanup Optimize Input.SetupManifestData Register analogs when creating groups, instead of iterating through after we've finished Fixed sboxgame/issues/issues/3224 Add Package.Type.Collection Asset Browser - cloud assets support filtering by more types Show your organizations in the asset browser Right clicking a cloud asset shows a popup, allowing favouriting, rating etc Move the shadow with the popup 😓 Clear api cache when favouriting Show favourited collections on asset list Add Package.Interaction Fix exception when Log.Error receives a null parameter Fix Game.Server not being filled in on server LODs for multiple clothing pieces Allow multiple commands from in-game console i.e. command1;command2; Don't automatically update account information when adding favourite Don't update collection list on favourite changed if not a collection change Validate cloud assets on first access Fix AssetList calling OnPackageSelected instead of OnPackageHighlight Preview in inspector when selecting cloud assets Fix Asset.Package not being immediately available PropertySheet { init; } properties are read-only Fix choppy Input.Pressed outside of Simulate (e.g FrameSimulate or UI Tick) when FPS was lower than tick rate Fix fog drifting when your view is still by clamping max TAA value Fix cubemap feathering on combined light probes More LODs for clothing pieces Lods for waistcoat and simple dress, aswell as an adjustment fix to the face tattoo material. Add an option to create a .gitignore when creating a new project Fixed an exception when giving a project invalid asset location Fixed an exception when drawing BaseItemWidget items Happened when creating a new asset Warning fixes & adjusted project creation/open labels Warn about missing input actions once Fixed documentation of Compiler.Name Failing test reproducing #996 Better generic method resolution, fixes #996 Possible fix for sboxgame/issues#3227 Make RPC code gen deterministic Added .vpk to .gitignore template Fix build failing models, these probably need the same lodding setup as simple_dress too @DanduwFP Remove SetMinimumFrameBufferRenderTargetSize, only used on SFM and it fucks scratch FBs, don't let SetMainSwapChain override behaviour of swapchain size listener on tools, remove hacks that we were using for setting scratch fbs Shader Graph: Clean up recent files code; make clear recent files show again, only show max 10, re-opening a file moves it to the top of recent files Whitelist System.Buffers.Binary.BinaryPrimitives Whitelist System.Environment.StackTrace Instead of silently failing throw arg exceptions - fix internal events not having correct params (#1003) Whitelist System.Lazy Whitelist System.Runtime.CompilerServices.ConditionalWeakTable Revert "Never recompile symlinked assets, e.g compiled asset from asset.party that you have the source file for" This was causing more problems then it was solving, need to rethink a better way to do this. Whitelist System.Collections.Concurrent.ConcurrentDictionary & System.Collections.Concurrent.BlockingCollection Electrical sockets and switches and plug wip Failing test reproducing sboxgame/issues#3227 Fixed sboxgame/issues#3227 Update steamworks sdk Whitelist some System.Buffer methods * System.Buffer.BlockCopy( System.Array, System.Int32, System.Array, System.Int32, System.Int32 ) * System.Buffer.ByteLength( System.Array ) * System.Buffer.GetByte( System.Array, System.Int32 ) * System.Buffer.SetByte( System.Array, System.Int32, System.Byte ) interopgen: don't needlessly overwrite subfiles as this would cause c++ rebuilds everytime LODs for a bunch of clothing pieces Lods for Clogs and socks, waistcoat and shirt, rubber gloves, stylish glasses and loose trousers. Single socket back Run ServerConfig.InitClient every time the game loop starts, as opposed to on bootstrap - when we kill stringtable pointers on shutdown, we unsubscribe any existing events, making input actions fall out of sync when joining another game. See #998 SerializedObject base implementations (#1006) Hammer Gizmos (#874) ( https://wiki.facepunch.com/sbox/Hammer_Gizmos ) https://files.facepunch.com/matt/1b0511b1/gizmos.mp4 Added "Shaders" folder to Base Library csproj Fixed WorldTextEntity being affected by WorldPanels sboxgame/issues/issues/3225 Fix obsolete warnings about GameEvent Remove unused network code Remove unused clientmessages Send all RPCs unreliably - which is actually not unreliable at all but just affects the receive order Strip out EntityEvent stuff that does nothing Area Lights (#885) Co-authored-by: bakscratch Adjusted Rect light editor model Area light controls for spotlightentity and update gizmos for the other ones, CylinderLightEntity.cs > AreaLightEntity.cs Make sure area lights don't intersect with walls so we can sample CDFs properly, do bound calculation properly, speed up SIMD path Fix F6 recording when FB scratchtexture is bigger than the screen Citizen: added WalkFast (north), which is 75 units/second (Walk is 49 u/s)