11 Months Ago
Cleaner game menu system * When reporting a panel event error give its name * When setting up a panel bind - try to set its value immediately * Assert Panel.StateHasChanged is called in the main thread * Don't touch drag if MouseDown stopped propogation * Remove TextPanel/InternalLabel - move it all to Label * If we're a label then razor should add child content to us, not a new label * <i> is an IconPanel * Optimize PackageCard panel count * Defer adding child panels until the start of the parent's tick - fixes problems with :intro not playing, incorrect styles * Fix styles not always updating when editing stylesheet * Delete template unit tests * Don't autogen line numbers in .razor generated source * Generate razor source in parallel * Map razor files to relative paths for compilergen * Add a [ClassFileLocation] attribute to every class with its relative path location * [StyleSheet] attribute needs no args, relative paths will be relative to the class file * Stylesheet with no argument looks for <filename>.scss * Add TypeLibrary variants with bool inherited option * Generated csproj files fold in .razor.cs and razor.scss files properly