8 Months Ago
v_mp5: various updates (see commit comment) • added firing_mode parameter. 0 = off (safety), 1 = single, 2 = burst, 3 = full_auto. This value controls the visual position of the mode selector knob on the side of the weapon. • added various components that manage the visual state of this knob and play an animation accordingly. The system uses a sort of self-locking (or pseudo-latching) selector, which lets the visual state of the knob sync up when animations call for a specific Tag. • video: https://files.facepunch.com/maxlebled/1b2311b1/sbox_2023-08-23_23-56-42.mp4 • fixed accidental hierarchy swap: the bones that were supposed to stand between weapon_root & the weapon_ikrule bones were children instead of parents. I'll need to export some animations again because of this • added camera animation to deploy & reload • improved reload animation