5 Months Ago
Squashed commit of the following: commit 04050373a0633a5122791133885299c358f4b0eb Merge: 577fcd3fec 2fd2d4d278 Author: kurozael <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Wed Dec 6 13:32:00 2023 +0000 Merge branch 'master' into codegen-struct-arg commit 577fcd3fec861bb7f6cbde51621bbcd1558f2ff3 Author: kurozael <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Wed Dec 6 07:39:32 2023 +0000 Update CodeGenerator unit tests for new stuff commit 64f62b40059c7d3ba16a373a1420401f6d79e2a6 Author: kurozael <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Tue Dec 5 15:57:11 2023 +0000 Readonly ref for Wrapped structs. Store Identity on MemberDescription. virtual method for generating identity hash, override it for MethodDescription... store global lookup for member idents. Add TypeLibrary.GetMemberByIdent. Clear members for types when assembly removed commit 6c14f5b5784fb490e2a73c49a987df8087c8f4e6 Author: kurozael <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Tue Dec 5 15:24:45 2023 +0000 Added typeparam docs for T in WrappedPropertySet/Get and WrappedMethod commit b9dbf0592cee5b4ae091670b592ace183722fb5b Author: kurozael <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Tue Dec 5 15:21:17 2023 +0000 Typo commit 52253bee1e373d09adc7be59b3e8669f93cb1caf Author: kurozael <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Tue Dec 5 15:20:26 2023 +0000 Unused params commit 0ff3451a31caa63537c9559e0bc59243352f8c3e Author: kurozael <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Tue Dec 5 15:09:40 2023 +0000 Add TypeDescription.GetMethodByIdent, fix array param types not matching from codegen + methoddescription hash commit e251f3fc500252431683c9a36de704cdfe8cc298 Author: kurozael <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Tue Dec 5 10:38:36 2023 +0000 Add support for codegen to pass methodidentity in struct, and split typename from methodname and add IsStatic as well to help differentiate properly commit 55c6710de87bb61c1eb7e141a4bc8961b67cfcc1 Author: kurozael <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Tue Dec 5 10:37:43 2023 +0000 MethodDescription.Identity built from return type, name, params but not fully qualified rn as hard to correlate with results from ITypeSymbol in codegen commit 7b0d25a70a0f8ee7afac0252c6dcf0338582e0db Author: kurozael <kurozael@gmail.com> Date: Mon Dec 4 13:30:18 2023 +0000 Initial commit / struct names not finalized Update rpc and MakeDirtyAttribute callbacks to use new codegen structs. Authority rpcs and static rpc support Assets for createwrappedmethod These methods will need to be protected (comment with why)