5 Months Ago
Native doesn't automatically mount everything from config/addons.json Menu shouldn't care about local packages/projects - non-editor doesn't load any of that Remove JumpList - we can try this again when we have a concrete idea of project workflow Remove "Content Mode", remove skip start screen - all content should be in a project, so why wouldn't you create/open a project New Game Project -> New Project - these are workspaces for any content really AssetSystem: Defer scanning new projects until they've all been added, and fix the counter Remove Change Project - there's not much sanity in trying to reset the entire engine state when we could simply restart the process -project command line is part of editor bootstrap not engine Hacky mark all games as inactive on bootstrap Consolidate project filesystem logic, call native directly instead of saving json and relying on it reading it File -> Quit prompts unsaved changes Dirty editor window title when scene modified, add renderer Move editor only code out of engine Project class Make sure we still mount content projects on startup Support opening non-game projects Batch rebuild content path / update assetsystem on bootstrap