2 Months Ago
IzTriangleHull calculates center with doubles, I have no idea why this fixes triangle collision but it does handlebar_moustache small adjustments studdle colour adjustments Allow easy access to graph inputs from node menu, including "This" https://files.facepunch.com/ziks/2024-03-11/RkOMLQmLlN.png Facepunch/sbox-issues#5082 Fix copy/pasting nodes referencing graph target input. Fix NRE when deleting items from serialized list in inspector Fix removing dictionary entries not marking scene unsaved Get rid of redraw flicker when adding/removing from lists and dicts Proper fix for hull vs mesh at large coordinates (thanks dirk) Handle exceptions thrown when discovering reflection-based nodes Fixes Facepunch/sbox-issues#5157 Remove last references to lightbinnervr Readd Dynamic/Baked light settings on hammer Add Scene.Render to unify scene rendering - should fix sbox-issues/issues/4924 Strip out menu resources/startup resources - more trouble than it's worth Fix OnPreRender always getting called, even if execute in editor is false Tick UI right before render, after other updates Make ComponentTypeSelector slightly taller (fixes sbox-issues/issues/5155) Component selector search is scored, uses classname and description too Add tooltip to component selector Rename Particle System to Legacy Particle System Asset preview for fbx, obj, smd https://files.facepunch.com/layla/1b1211b1/sbox-dev_uPe3bKuNAh.png Don't preview smd for now SerializedProperty and ControlSheet support nullable values BoolControlWidget fade property when disabled Fbx serializer is too spammy Ignore unknown color formats in CMesh::CalculateInputLayoutFromAttributes Don't create model for preview mesh if there's no valid meshes Add Vector3.CatmullRomSpline, Vector3.TcbSpline Add SceneLineObject Add LineRenderer component Add line prefab Fix NRE Make joint more robust in finding physics bodies, improve the gizmos a bit Better anchor points for spring joint Fix async warning in PreviewMesh Izabu: Move triangle shifting further up the callstack so the fix gets applied to sphere and capsules too ICollisionListener & ITriggerListener have default interface methods + docs Resolves sbox-issues/issues/4852 Fix game setup's Launch Mode always falling back to default LaunchMode.Normal Resolves sbox-issues/issues/4923 Add RigidBody.MotionEnabled Fix prismatic disabling limit when it shouldn't Create slider with 2 pivots and an axis, this makes the most sense Base joint passes two physics points for joint creation Do a pass on all joints to make sure their local frames make sense Fixed joint keeps the bodies fixed where they are at the moment of joint creation instead of snapping Joint gizmo just draws a line from self to target game object Drag & drop components to change their order Resolves sbox-issues/issues/4254 EditLogs for when a component is moved Tick UI before resetting input - fixes sbox-issues/issues/5169 Fix ParticleGradient defaults not saving properly - fixes sbox-issues/issues/5144 Store lobby owner in lobby data, for access from list - fixes sbox-issues/issues/5141 Try to store package revision id in lobby Completely strip PackageDownloadMode Cancelling loading cancels properly - fixes sbox-issues/issues/4623 Make download cancelling more convincing, add more download lanes Add Panel.TooltipClass - fixes sbox-issues/issues/4746 FileSystem.Write/ReadJson - add AllowNamedFloatingPointLiterals to options Fix some Assets not loading properly from cloud folder on startup Allow both Sync and HostSync on a property. It means that both the Owner and the Host can control the value. Fixes Facepunch/sbox-issues#5153 Fix exception when deleting object in update SoundPoint can override distance attenuation, occlusion, reflection Refresh physics contacts on tag change https://files.facepunch.com/layla/1b1311b1/sbox-dev_PEDseyvLqF.mp4 Don't include special name methods in TypeLibrary (getter/setterr spam) SerializedObject can handle methods ControlSheet supports buttons/methods Add [Button] https://files.facepunch.com/garry/85519e72-553c-4d0c-9ece-42f371fd31d3.png Add break button to Prop component Simplified ComponentSheet, makes use of ControlSheet logic more Editor style tweaks Fix unit tests, add SerializedProperty method test Component Ids (#1501) * Component id + prune those for refresh as well * Serialize id properly * Add unit tests for component id serialization / deserialization - make sure references to Components with Property are properly restored to the correct components by id * Update GameObjectInspector to use Component.Id to determine already seen components. This makes it rebuild properly for multiple components of the same type * Serialize as Id not __id so also picked up by MakeGameObjectsUnique * Scene unique component ids - update serialization test accordingly * Phase out storing GO guid and component type * MakeGameObjectsUnique -> MakeIdGuidsUnique (make old method Obsolete and redirect to MakeIdGuidsUnique) * Unit test for clone with references * When adding component or game object to Directory - check is there a component or game object with that id already, if so, force change it to a new one and spit a warning out. No component or game object should ever be able to share the same guid anyway but this makes sure * Add test for loading old reference model type from prefab / json * Test both old and new formats * Let's not make this elseif - always check both Revert comp ids on this branch Merge branch 'master' into snapshot-refresh