3 Months Ago
Cubemapper tests Remove all ggx code for now & just copy directly to cubemap array TextureCube with mipmaps and arrays and mipmaps Move texture logic from cubemapper to c# Stub for cubemapper_cs, will calculate both GGX and spherical harmonics all in GPU Handle all array index stuff in cubemapper Allow for single sliced cubemap array, needed to be able to render an independent texture in the renderer since it expects a TextureCubeArray, also allow TSPEC_CUBE_CAN_SAMPLE_AS_ARRAY if we want UAV Also fix a problem where CTextureManagerVulkan::GetImageView wouldn't work with a cubemap array as a rwtexture2darray in compute shaders Fix cube orientation when copying, do texture per envmap probe instead of a singleton array, this will cause headaches with multiple envmaps intersecting but makes it much simpler GGX filtering Don't bother with writing cubemap normalization right now (in fact disable it for now!), reuse previous mip so that we have more quality with less samples Assert isn't valid anymore in ComputeImageViews since we can pass a cube array Do cubemapper processing of all faces at once without using intermediary copies, 4-8x speedup (~17ms > ~2.5ms), still needs to be faster https://i.imgur.com/b61mX1Y.png Rendersystemvulkan: Alllow binding specific cubemap [ & arrays ] mips if UAV Remove unsued, clean up Dynamic cubemap component settings Remove the old BuildCubeMaps Add WidgetUtil.CreateSwapChain NativeRenderingWidget renders in regular render path Fix RenderDeviceInfo_t wrong size Add HandlePendingSwapChainResize for explicitly handling swapchain resize events before doing any work, fixes NativeRenderingWidget.RenderScene rendering on a frame with different window size than the actual swapchain ( and then having invalid color/depth buffers) CI fails building shaders when machine is coming from a branch that was deleted, full checkout action should be enough for pulling? If cubemap has no normalization set, don't consider it for NormalizeCubeBrightness Compiled shaders with normalization brightness fixes for cubes without SH, reenable cube normalization Wip fast cubemap filtering ( 2.5ms > 0.09ms 😱 ) Adjust things on fast envmap filtering, major cleanup, rename shader to envmap_filtering Use high quality GGX filtering if baking cubemap as OnEnabled Vulkan: Fix image transition layout when binding a mip of a cubemap that's sampleable as Texture2DArray Don't fetch render attributes from context, that's composited over, fixes a crash Assert when UAV Index is invalid Flag hammer maps to always render cubemaps dynamically & always render at least one frame regardless of distance update settings