32 Days Ago
Upgrade to Expo SDK 48 Update actions More actions updates Try again Again Increase max heap size while building app Rewrite ToggleSwitch component using modern reanimated Move VendingMachineIcon component to the correct folder Install skia Progress stripping out reanimated v1 map code More, but stuck for now because I can't get Skia to load the map image Upgrade to Expo SDK 49 Write the map image to disk so Skia can render it, but it just crashes and breaks things most of the time Add basic pan and zoom Some progress Pan/zoom mostly working now Got monument map markers working Finish up the rest of the markers Implement following the player Add in the map grid based on the shader from the game (hopefully fixes the grid not matching the game soemtimes too?) Fix pinch gesture not disabling follow player Upgrade to Expo SDK 50 Needed to force webidl-conversions to 7.0.0 to get it working due to 6.1.0 referencing SharedArrayBuffer Map grid fixes Migrate from sentry-expo to @sentry/react-native Upgrade to Expo SDK 51 Fix device list freezing the entity list array etc and breaking things Missed file Update react-class-model Merge branch 'skia-map'