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Update Facepunch.ActionGraph Fixed GameInstance.TrapButtons not trapping when we don't have a menu Mesh Editor: Alt right click another to apply selected face material to another face Fixed input rebinding not working when running a local game / in the editor Add new dlls to release archive Move unittest razor/generator tests to compiler test Generator: additional files presented as text rather than paths Add additional tests Compiler builds a CodeArchive and then compiles from that Add "Reset to Default" menu option to ControlLabel Typo Build fix GetButtonOrigin tries to grab collection bind in first slot before falling back to input action default (resolves sbox-issues/issues/5526) Fix transform update delay when Skinned Model Renderer is attached to bone of another Skinned Model Renderer (#1578) * Fix lag/wobbly update when Skinned Model Renderer is attached to bone of another Skinned Model Renderer * Use Channel to contain changed transforms, write to that in threads for animation updates, then call transform changed on main thread for them after Keep one list of references. Keep them in CodeArchive. Cleanup, remove unused code Api.Get return null if 404 Fix base project not compiling More compiler cleanup Disable FastPathTests (left a comment for you @Metapyziks) CompilerSettings becomes Compiler.Configuration, is a struct Cascade ParseOptions down on each compile instead of trying to keep it up to date ByteStream can be accessed from non-main threads Add ByteStream.Compress(), Decompress Can create compiler without file path CodeArchive serialize/deserialize Write code archive to filesystem Don't create control widgets if their type doesn't have a default constructor (resolves sbox-issues/issues/4732) Don't copy filesystem dll to game root Revert "Don't create control widgets if their type doesn't have a default constructor (resolves sbox-issues/issues/4732)" This was breaking certain types that are created from native Include code archive when publishing Update VR hands with more backported stuff & fixes + left hand model VR hands: couple more fixes + "cylinder" poses VR hands: "grab" poses Hide some of these filesystem things, in hopes that the analyzer stops looking for zio Update minor update packages SkinnedModelRenderer: Don't let anything get in the way of deleting the sceneobject on disable Generate schema as part of build Mesh Editor: Alt+Right actually wraps the uvs now Remove VR hand assets from "Half-Life: Alyx" & associated source files Support compiling from a MemoryFileSystem Re-implement / simplify FastPathTest Fix test host process crashing in TestCompiler Fix nullable error Add MusicPlayer.TargetMixer ColorGrading - Work In Progress ColorGrading Post Process - Work in Progress. Temperature Mapping, Tone mapping methods. Working on per channel curves. New Clothing Piece! - Cowboy Hat and Sleeveless Jacket First passes of the cowboy and sleeveless jacket assets LODs and further skinning adjustments coming ASAP. Don't cache null types in AssetType.FromExtension. Fixes GameResource assets not appearing in projects that use libraries. Fixes Facepunch/sbox-issues#5498 Remove model check in CMeshSystem::ChangeModel, this function needs to run even if it's the same model for model reloads Add CompilerName and AdditionalFiles to CodeArchive Add CompileCodeArchive test beard adjustments / fixes Fix Project.HasCompiler logic to look for any compiler (resolves sbox-issues/issues/5531) Use intermediary texture to avoid collision in filtering generated cubemaps, this should fix the cubemap corruption in certain hardware Delete ILobby Add softsplit.donut to codearchive test Rework polygon mesh to have texture coords the same as hammer, coords can be computed by params and params can be computed by coords. This allows texture wrapping to be identical to hammer. Add this function back, someone was using it Don't html encode comments Cleanup header bar Fix compile warning Do an initial clear initialization on FindOrCreateFrameBufferScratchTexture to make sure the data is not garbage, should fix SSR accumulation artifacts specially on multiview UI-only clears should respect if ( r_ui.GetBool() ) as also per sbox/issues/1575 , will check to make this a clear layer rather than a render layer Change how escape button works, so it has a set path from game => menu -> tools Input.EscapePressed is no longer accumulated Input.EscapePressed has a setter, so you can prevent it doing further things Break game window focus in editor if escape is pressed DragAssetData.Parse: Resolve local asset before attempting to make it a package ident Material API specular obeys S_SPECULAR same as Valve's PS_FinalCombinerDoLighting (you can now turn it off) Graphics.PrepareTextureForUse -> Texture.MarkUsed (Doesn't need a graphics context now) Json.SerializeAsObject (GameResource serialization) supports [JsonInclude] on non public properties. Deserialization already supported it. WrapTextureToSelection with shift-alt-rmb Work in progress update RGB and HSV per channel colour curves, UI improvements Fix NRE's when polygon mesh face has no material set Add pause menu Add Game.Overlay.IsPauseMenuOpen Fix DelegateFunctionPointer making traces slow Move InterpolationBuffer to Sandbox.System Cleanup Sandbox.Game Remove unused steamworks stuff Fix Rotation.LookAt(Vector3 forward) Broken if you do Rotation.LookAt(Vector3.Forward) ConeEmitter: velocity direction should always be away from tip ConeEmitter: fix distribution if OnEdge is false New Outfit Piece! - Bandana Mask LODs coming asap Add InteractionRange to WorldPanel component (resolves sbox-issues/issues/5550) Party wip Fix Razor panels erroring when using <style> tags. All code paths are already relative since CodeArchive changes. Fixes Facepunch/sbox-issues#5528 Replace old friend menu model swatches deleted Follow party into network game Fix codegen error check in compiler Was causing first build after fixing errors to fail too Retry downloads 3 times on non success status error Validate download size in CodeArchive test Update Facepunch.ActionGraphs Fuck knows why I did this, seems to be causing problems now Add fit texturing to mesh faces Add justify texturing to mesh faces Fix not following leader into MP game Lets put a social bar on the pause menu Tweak to avoid game join timeout Revert "Fuck knows why I did this, seems to be causing problems now" - Fucked on AMD. It'll be easier to debug when we're not rendering backwards in NativeRenderingWidget Fixed - Lighting Preview cubemaps do not match the skybox HDRI itself sbox-issues/issues/5546 Support Tint on Prop component Map Instance creates props_phys/anims/dynamic as Prop Components switched shader on primary_white_* materials Highlight parties that are playing a game Ensure all swapchains are up to date before doing any rendering rather than when doing it per swapchain when the NativeRenderingWidget renders Finally get rid of that renderdevice window hack that has been there forever, do SetWindowPos correctly in hostedwidget for main window Use SizeToParent to set initial window position initially for HostedWidgets Simplify InterpolationBuffer a little bit (internal API) Disable interpolation during certain initialization callbacks for components More WIP changes Added per channel mappings, LUT for HSV and RGB, code improvements, ACES calculations,. Latest ColorGrading post process and shader Latest ColorGrading post process and shader Removed some meta commands and tidy ups Some '#fdefs not needed as unused Uniforms optimised away by compiler. Some white space tidy ups. Merge pull request #1584 from Facepunch/ColorGrading2 Color grading2 When finding files to publish, also look in libraries Clear up these ".vfx" references to avoid confusion ColorGrading: Expose to TypeLibrary, make properties public so inspector can find them (Engine classes are exposed differently than classes in projects) Compiled ColorGrading shader ColorGrading: Don't need these private enums, they map 1:1 with the public Add rotate and treat as one to mesh face texturing Make rotate undoable Allow selected mesh faces to be extracted and put into a new mesh Add retry resilience to DownloadString New Outfit Piece - Fingerless Gloves LODs coming asap Make lobby callbacks interface based, simpler, easier Fix UpdateFromPrefab() NRE when GameObjectFlags.NotSaved Sort envmaps properly Fix debug vis on Material API Ambient occlusion debug vis Use explicit UAV barriers for cubemapper Fixed WorldPanel gizmo scale Fix bounds for scaled WorldPanels Scaled up panels were getting culled while on-screen Fix bone merged skinned model first frame being wrong PartyRoom.SendChatMessage Fixed WorldPanel.RayToLocalPosition when scaled Fixes Facepunch/sbox-issues#5558 Update avatar scene to fix outdated scene meshes Fix edge extrude not updating uvs of connecting face ctrl+i inverts selection for vertices, edges and faces Only ensure swapchains up to date in tools mode and dont let hostedwidget change videomode, that's also handled by EnsureSwapChainsUpToDate and was causing a vulkan crash Fix Directional AO shader, it was broken for a while and nobody noticed, add a proper falloff curve to it, I feel like just deleting this and starting new with the new Scene Distance Field AO stuff Recompute origin of new mesh for extracted mesh faces Switch from Marshal.SizeOf to Unsafe.SizeOf in a bunch of places where Marshal is wrong Fix NotImplementedException in SteamLobbySocket - fixes sbox-issues/issues/5560 Sorry I'm an idiot .gitignore: wanna keep these launchSettings local Component inspector event toggle color / tooltip shows if actions are populated Facepunch/sbox-issues#5563 Fix edge connect not recomputing texcoords Make sure we only load skybox if it uses a sky shader, CSkyBoxObjectDesc expects a static input layout and causes validation errors if anything else is assigned, this also makes sure you can only select skybox materials Cache ActionGraphs per PrefabFile Vulkan: When a swapchain needs an update, update only that specific swapchain rather than all of them, remove that stupid EnsureSwapChainsUpToDate too, fixes resizes on tools looking horrible too Handle NativeRenderWidget presents outside of Begin/FinishRenderingViews block, a lot of the logic for rendering is in the RenderingViews block and was getting stomped on, the hack we had before only hid that, separates render/present steps cleanly, should fix vulkan crash issues on tools Merge branch 'master' into AsyncRenderSceneToPixmap
57 Days Ago
Make async optional, make CameraComponent still be async since we are not waiting for any other operation than itself
58 Days Ago
Make sure any GPU callbacks are finished before disposing of pixmaps on managed, read from RGBA8888 pixmaps directly
58 Days Ago
Make RenderSceneToPixmap non-blocking and fix annoying wasRendered assert