10 Years Ago
Bunch of minor changes - Fixed bone merging causing the local player to be rendered twice - PhysicsCollide entity callback is now shared - Added PhysObject member to PhysicsCollide collision info table - Added EFFECT:PhysicsCollide hook to scripted effects - Fixed CSS muzzle flashes not automatically appearing on some viewmodels (for real this time) - EntityEmitSound hook now has a slightly more consistent behaviour - Tentative fix for random Lua metatable corruption (can't really check if it's fixed or not due to how random it is) - CNavArea:IsOverlapping's tolerancy argument is now optional, defaults to 0 - Fixed crash with CNavArea:GetClosestPointOnArea - CNavArea:IsVisible now returns a second value which contains the first point in the area that passed the visibility test - Added SND_* sound flag enums - Added Entity:IsSolid() - CSoundPatch:ChangePitch's and ChangeVolume's delay argument are now optional (default to 0)