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15 Commits over 31 Days - 0.02cph!

17 Days Ago
Reduce this DockWidget padding
19 Days Ago
ComboBox don't swallow mouse wheel events by default
35 Days Ago
Fix hex color parsing to #RRGGBBAA instead of #AARRGGBB Added Widget.AddClassName (add class names for stylesheet to hit on) Add Widget.Polish()
38 Days Ago
Making menuBar, setMenuBar virtual
43 Days Ago
Deprecate QDockWidget.setTitleBarWidget Added QDockWidget.setIcon/icon()
43 Days Ago
43 Days Ago
47 Days Ago
Hide tab close buttons until hovered on tab
47 Days Ago
Fixed multiple calls to addDockWidget not creating tabs
47 Days Ago
Don't unnest widgets TabBar - don't ever force setDrawBase on
47 Days Ago
Fix splitting not working when splitting a tabbed QDockWidget
47 Days Ago
Remove DockWidget title bar QMainWindow docked widgets - give them a margin around the outside of the window TabBars setDrawBase false by default Delete QDockWidgetTitleButton This does nothing
47 Days Ago
Stick a close button on DockWidget tabs
48 Days Ago
Ignore everything Create a tabbar when dropping a dock Show tabs even if there's only one entry handle addDockWidget Drag dock tags to undock/move
49 Days Ago
Initial commit baseline jom build config