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56 Days Ago
Test: Turn off reverb Added WeaponDefinition.DeployTime, can switch weapon while reloading again Added CameraModifier.OnRemove Fixed NRE when suiciding Changed Spawn Overview style to match Lewis' concept a bit more Add linear gradient behind buttons on SpawnOverview Apply yaw / roll offset to viewmodel when walking sideways Blend airLerp based on if you're aiming down sights. This still doesn't feel right, though. Add jump windup, with first-draft jump camera modifier Remove Menu bind for LoadoutSelector Interpolate EyeHeight, use EyeHeight when calculating character's BBox. Means players can duck through crawl spaces, windows, etc. Test above space if the player tries to stop ducking, so they don't get stuck Sprint viewbob and start of sliding roll Allow aiming while crouching, lower the viewmodel a bit while moving Sliding roll, cooler slide mechanic Slide sound Don't sprint while crouching that's silly, and enable firing while sliding Nice sprint viewmodel bob Change sliding offsets ADS should feel instant Cleanup mechanic, give hint that view changes should be handled by mechanic Much better vaulting mechanic Check stuck when activating vaulting, add better checks for that, also dot to movment wish direction (not actual velocity) should be positive to that vector Slide further if we are aiming down sights, feels much better, also do view offsetting if we are aiming down Tweak all gun materials, seemed their PBR values were all uncalibrated, let them have proper nice contract Merge pull request #7 from Facepunch/better-feeling-movement Merge branch 'main' into custom-client-input
2 Months Ago
Updated Gunfight for Client Input