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52 Days Ago
Fixed ConditionalWeakTableUpgrader Handles the case where oldInstance == newInstance, or if the collection gets modified while being processed Simplify JsonSerializerOptionsUpgrader Directly process JsonConverters inside existing JsonSerializerOptions, without creating a new instance. Handles case where we can't create a new instance, and the options aren't mutable. Also make sure we process static fields in System.Text.Json assembly. Possible fix for #640 Add some more easy hotload skips to save a few milliseconds JsonSerializerOptionsUpgrader .NET 7 fixes Log path to instance when a hotload error occurs Some nicer paths for items in common collections Replace TypeDescription / MemberDescription instances during swap Tests for TypeDescription / MemberDescription replacing Make hotload tests more strict Warn when encountering delegates that can't be upgraded Even simpler way to clear System.Text.Json cache on hotload Readonly field hotload test Trace instance paths when doing hotload tests Stop watching System.Text.Json since we're clearing its cache now Ignore LiteDB types during hotload Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hotload-fixes Get rid of soon-to-be-unused "context" arg in OnTryCreateNewInstance Some more permutations of lambda method types Big DelegateUpgrader rewrite * A lot more careful about matching generated methods that change name * Fixed case where swapping unchanged code would substitute in the wrong lambda method * Now replace lambdas we can't find a match for with one that throws a helpful error (before they would become null) Easy case for delegate methods from non-swapped assemblies Failing delegate swap involving same-named methods Strategies for fixing HotloadTests.Delegate11 Split DelegateUpgrader up, mocked up same-named scope method solution Refactor to assume we have Mono.Cecil, WIP method resolution Fixed HotloadTests.Delegate11 Hotload message type consistency Warning: non-fatal, but recommend reloading the game Error: something went wrong that we should fix Fixed resolving nested type definitions Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hotload-fixes Failing test for lambdas with a generator context method Fixed upgrading lambdas with a generator context method Tests for finding definitions of methods involving generic parameters More generic type / method fixes in hotload Added failing test for handling removed lambda with a return type Test case for nested lambdas Fixed generating error delegate if original lambda had a return type Some more test cases for upgrading delegates Fixed resolving multi-dimensional array parameter methods ByRef and async method tests Fixed resolving method definitions with ByRef parameters Support for upgrading lambdas defined in async methods More array and ByRef fixes Type equivalence fixes Vector2.Dot returns float Vector3.Equals doesn't use AlmostEqual, but the == and != operators do Move a bunch of stuff from Client to IClient, PlayerId is now SteamId Client.Pawn is an IEntity Game becomes GameController, added Sandbox.Game namespace Move stuff from GameController to BaseGameController where possible Remove Sandbox.Hooks Rename CameraMode to CameraComponent Make CameraSetup internal Delete FixedCamera.cs Delete LookAtCamera.cs Obsolete [UseTemplate] so we appreciate the scope of removing it Move Event.Frame to Event.Client.Frame, add ToolEvent.Frame Add Event.Client.PreCamera, PostCamera Move Event.BuildInput to Event.Client.BuildInput Move default BuildInput to internal BaseGameController Rename files to match new classnames GameController becomes GameManager Apparently MakeArrayType( 1 ) != MakeArrayType() We can skip cached lambda instances now They'll still get upgraded if they're referenced in a non-cache field somewhere Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hotload-fixes Delete CameraSetup Delete CurrentView Use Map.Camera in place of CurrentView Remove dof and motionblur from ViewDesc Minor summary adjustment to PhysicsBody.SurfaceMaterial RangedFloat can be read from a number in JSON too Delete BrushEntity.Solid (was obsolete) SurroundingBoundsType.Obb => SurroundingBoundsType.OBB Use RangedFloat in SoundEvent resource This change will make existing assets lose their PitchRandom/VolumeRandom until updated Move GlobalRpcHandler to Sandbox.Internal Make Sound.Index internal Hide Prediction.CommandsAcknowledged/LastExecutedPacketNum Move QTextBlock to Tools namespace Rename ModelDoc namespace to Sandbox.ModelEditor Also moved all ModelDoc node classes to Sandbox.ModelEditor.Nodes Renamed ModelDocAttributes.cs to ModelEditorAttributes.cs Delete Sandbox.ConstantBuffer (obsolete & unused) Delete TriggerHurt and TriggerTeleport (obsolete aliases) Delete TriggerMultiple.Wait (obsolete alias) Delete ModelBreakPiece.CollisionGroupOverride (obsolete) Delete CameraMode.DoFPoint/DoFBlurSize (obsolete) Add Local.UserPreference.DefaultFieldOfView Remove unused properties of Sandbox.Water EnableShadows/EnableFog/EnableRefraction Fixed main SceneCamera not controlling the render properly Remove SharedRendering/SetDevLayer hack Remove/replace html templates in UI tests Delete more obsoletes Deleted PhysicsWorld.IsPointWater Deleted Sandbox.Component.Glow.Active/RangeMin/RangeMax Deleted FogStength from all light entities Deleted OrthoLightEntity.UseFogNoShadows Deleted Global.IsDedicatedServer/PhysicsSubSteps/PhysicsTimeScale Deleted ScenePanel.CameraPosition/CameraRotation/FieldOfView/AmbientColor/ClearColor/ZNear/ZFar/DisablePostProcessing/SceneAttributes Backport latest texture manager changes from Valve, fixes for race conditions in async hookup jobs Suppress texture frame updates for render hooks, fixes bound textures with no references getting deleted before the frame fully ended Revert ScreenEffects workaround from not being able to Material.Load within RenderHook Fix leaky strong handle from RenderTools.RenderScene on unused returned ITexture Delete CameraComponent DevCamera tweaks Convert GameIcon & Home to razor Loading screen to razor Remove FriendLine html template Remove Map.Camera, add global Camera Don't use EyeRotation for view angles - because it's laggy and fucked and I'm gonna remove it Remove Entity.,EyePosition, Entity.EyeRotation, Entity.EyeLocalPosition, Entity.EyeLocalRotation, Added Entity.GetAimRay() Delete StandardPlayerAnimator, PawnAnimator Fix monitor rendering in vr Refactoring Cleaning Notes for future Remove unsued Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/pain-day-rubat1' into engine-refactor-1 Rename SurroundingBoundsType.OBB to SurroundingBoundsType.Object, comment out unused Remove now unused constant buffer binds Defaults for main camera Matched the volume of the grass footstep sound to match the rest Minimal template fixes Reduce default vertex size Move some stuff from base addon into the game dll protocol++ Add prediction tolerance to m_vecOrigin Split base and compiled assembly again Only compile base addon if we're a runtime game Remove debug Fix soundscape NRE Fix PanelList overflow Add support for TSPEC_USE_TYPED_IMAGEFORMAT back, video encoding needs this unfortunately Do not display "Recompile" option for assets that can't be recompiled Not Upload => Pending Upload Added "Copy Asset Path" to context menu in asset browser Also made "Copy Path" for local assets copy the correct extension Remove rest of fov hacking code, add Screen.CreateVerticalFieldOfView Always add "Compile" option for shader asset type Update TransformTest.cs Fix Gamemode download unit test to use new assembly schema Disable tests that are too much work to get working yet Only suppress texture deletion and not texture loading during managed render layers, fixes hangs Don't allow LocalScale < 0 Don't complain about TaskCanceledException on game shutdown Add Copy To Clipboard button to Stack property Add facepunch.unicycle_frenzy to test Lets mark a bunch of stuff as obsoleted so people aren't surprised Set default FOV back Merge pull request #669 from Facepunch/engine-refactor-1 orgs/sboxgame/discussions/2652 Clarify Camera.FieldOfView is vertical and Screen.CreateVerticalFieldOfView converts horizontal -> vertical SceneCamera.IsOrtho is SceneCamera.Ortho fix normal on pavement material/ asset cleanup Merge branch 'master' of sbox Add a couple of events to [ToolEvent.MapEditor] for discoverability Camera.FieldOfView is actually horizontal and not vertical 😳 Convert DevCamera ui to razor Local.PlayerId -> Local.SteamId Make PerformanceStats.Timings.History use a circular buffer, this was starting to take a small amount of time as we collected more and more perf stats Only default VR.Anchor to Local.Pawn.Transform unless it's been explicitly set from a game - that way games can set VR.Anchor whenever and whereever they want Add version to events Add defaults for znear/zfar, so if games don't mess they'll be fine. Add comments with suggested values. Merge pull request #668 from Facepunch/hotload-fixes Hotload Maintenance Merge branch 'master' into pain_day
54 Days Ago
Removed Sandbox.Hooks obsolete code Moved VoiceSpeaker, VoiceEntry, VoiceList to Sandbox.UI namespace, removed Style.Dirty usage Tools: Remove Utility.RunCommand, replace with ConsoleSystem.Run (to match Sandbox.Game) Replace tools addon usage of Utility.RunCommand
56 Days Ago
Unify alphatested depth prepass stuff to r_depth_prepass, force it to have conservative culling, fixes aliasing on alphatested objects
57 Days Ago
Replace tools addon usage of Utility.RunCommand
57 Days Ago
57 Days Ago
Delete Obsolete methods and variables related to Hitbox bones / groups Removed Sandbox.Hooks obsolete code Moved VoiceSpeaker, VoiceEntry, VoiceList to Sandbox.UI namespace, removed Style.Dirty usage Tools: Remove Utility.RunCommand, replace with ConsoleSystem.Run (to match Sandbox.Game)
57 Days Ago
Removed SteamVRImport as it was unused
57 Days Ago
Removed Sandbox.Hooks obsolete code Moved VoiceSpeaker, VoiceEntry, VoiceList to Sandbox.UI namespace, removed Style.Dirty usage Tools: Remove Utility.RunCommand, replace with ConsoleSystem.Run (to match Sandbox.Game)