13 Commits over 31 Days - 0.02cph!

2 Days Ago
corrected some texture settings for roof asphalt
2 Days Ago
corrected some small rotation errors in storage warehouse prefab
2 Days Ago
reworked shed support beam UVs for new texture
6 Days Ago
material improvements for storage warehouse
7 Days Ago
work on radtown storage building, reworked mats, added extra trims, rebuilt original prefab, created packed mask.
9 Days Ago
work on radtown Storage Warehouse. created prefab and unique dif mat setup.
13 Days Ago
added inverse mask for concrete edging cutouts.
13 Days Ago
added first pass roofing asphalt mat for Radtown use.
15 Days Ago
added texture mask for radtown shed roof.
15 Days Ago
reworked radtown shed roof to use texture masked material.
16 Days Ago
reimport for corru sheets and shed assets with corrected rotation and import settings. set physical mats , added baked vertex color asset.
20 Days Ago
lod and prefab setup for corrugated sheets and radtown shed.
23 Days Ago
proper setup on corrugated sheet kit