2 Months Ago
Unhide sv_maxunlag convar Minor adjustments to server browser filter UI You can now click the filter text to tick the checkboxes Fixed ENT.PhysicsSounds defaulting to true Added physcannon_instant (defaults to 1) Exactly as it sounds, makes the gravity gun be able to be used instantly after switching to it, bypassing deploy animation (and sv_defaultdeplyspeed) This default value preserves the original HL2/GMod behavior Fixed normal combine soldiers with shotguns having their skin set to the shotgunner one Reset ammo types on map shutdown as well & Cleanups Remove more dead code Explicit default value to GetMemberBool because it is defaulting to true(??) Workaround animation event IDs on listen servers being set to "invalid" values Ability to auto join full servers when they get a free slot https://files.facepunch.com/rubat/2024/April17-7-UnwittingManta.png The selected updates every 10 seconds now. Ability to add servers to favorites by IP https://files.facepunch.com/rubat/2024/April17-11-PinkIvorybackedwoodswallow.png Make new vgui.Create errors non halting Because of course mods are already doing silly stuff. Fixed Lua being able to make the main menu black on disconnect Fixed a warning about "Invalid texture id -1" on disconnect Fix certain detail props not rendering on maps with more than 65k of em Move some hardcoded values of weapon_fists to SWEP.* variables Merged some pull requests * Updated TTT Russian localization * Micro optimizations with weapon_base & GM:DrawDeathNotice * Fixed some typos in FGD and Lua comments Update some more spawncions for consistency Alternative fix for traces not hitting transparent displacements Better consistency with brushes that use same materials - does not cast shadow and traces hit them Fixed toolgun ghost entity fading out in singleplayer on some maps Added vgui.GetAll() Returns only Lua created panels. Used to fix PANEL:PreAutoRefresh() and PANEL:PostAutoRefresh() not working Fixed some crashes with DSPs