34 Days Ago
Added sv_npc_full_pvs_checks (Default to 1) Change "Filter" label on console to better represent what it does Make sure CL Lua entities are initialized before processing net messages Fixed a crash due to recent changes when net messages sent to client too early Rework player name retrieval for player disconnection chat message Fixes the message sometimes not appearing, due to the player object being gone too soon. Fix NPCs being sometimes blind due to recent changes Fixed a crash with Hammer Model Viewer and bad models Middle mouse click for DColorCube/Mixer to reset to convar defaults Adds DColorCube.Get/SetDefaultColor Adds DSlider:ResetToDefaultValue (Was previously exclusive to DNumSlider) Increase the limit of ManipulateBoneScale to 512 (from 32) Display SENT/SWEP usage info in spawnmenu tooltip https://files.facepunch.com/rubat/2024/May02-67-YearlyElk.png Fix the fix that fixes a fix relating to net messages and Lua ents clientside Minor cleanups Use ints, not shorts for leafs in map compile tools I think this affects VRAD only, fixes warnings/issues on some complex maps.