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14 Commits over 62 Days - 0.01cph!

6 Days Ago
Catwalk TileSet
12 Days Ago
Updated Light_Omni to use custom editor model similar to light_spot
16 Days Ago
Update base Rope/Cable Particle to use correct materials
19 Days Ago
Office Ceiling TileSet
21 Days Ago
Fixed black viewmodels (flatgrass)
24 Days Ago
Fixed Cubemaps on the toolscene
25 Days Ago
Adjusted lighting on Flatgrass and other minor tweaks.
39 Days Ago
Fixed default env_cubemap_fog texture
40 Days Ago
Added default light cookies.
50 Days Ago
Updated collision group to debris on explosion particle Should be a tiny increase in performance on the gibs.
55 Days Ago
New Explosive Barrel Particle New explosion particle plus scorch decals. (particles/explosion/barrel_explosion/explosion_barrel.vpcf) Merge branch 'master' of sbox-game
57 Days Ago
Basic cloth physics model Basic model that lets you bake cloth physics inside hammer.
57 Days Ago
Updated Flatgrass New version of Flatgrass with improved visuals, slightly bigger and a nav mesh.
2 Months Ago
Added nav node and clean up to Basic template. Updated to have nav node and cleaned up the entities by removing old properties.