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2,584 Commits over 3,228 Days - 0.03cph!

2 Days Ago
dont show previously-seen info when can currently see the thing in question
3 Days Ago
seen opacity fixes
3 Days Ago
fix gridcell missing tag fix invis wielded
3 Days Ago
can see fire on invisible things wielded thing floaters wielded thing floaters char icon floaters char icon invis fix fadeInTime for time=0 floaters nearby cell floaters fix chatlog, interact tweaking, etc
5 Days Ago
inventory/equipment grid floaters floater cleanup reduce floater copypaste floater fixes
5 Days Ago
scroll of identify scroll of organize book of organize amnesia potion fix organize for large inventories, hotbar bind tooltip, etc rework floaters wip
7 Days Ago
scroll of confetti right clicking aim target cancels aiming view wielded item info hotkey can aim at inventory cells inventory debug drawing and floaters
8 Days Ago
fix rugby charge potion breaks when hitting thing fix tree fruit visibility perception stat, etc multiline stat descriptions simplified damage/attack/strength scroll of displace invis opacity for seen things
10 Days Ago
refresh player vis when invis / sight block changes / etc fixed some vision race conditions invis wielded rendering hide invis tree fruit show invis wielded item only to owning player correct behaviour when wielding thing hits
11 Days Ago
better tree dropping, etc invisibility potion blood puddle VfxOpacityLerp cant select invis things, dont drop blood on blood tree hp axe fix NoLongerWieldedBy callbacks
12 Days Ago
IconPriority player icon priorities speed potion medicine potion mutation potion stunned effect potion breaks on target gridpos
13 Days Ago
halluc fixes etc halluc polish char icon tooltip nothing equipped tooltip more halluc tooltips can see some floaters when blind and adjacent rubgy ball
15 Days Ago
animate moving to unseen pos mushroom poison potion of blindness sleeping potion confusion mangles text wake sleeping thing when bumped into confusion can change move dir more confusion aiming hallucination
18 Days Ago
scroll revealing hud fixes fix floater offsets more ui fixes separate move/shake offsets
19 Days Ago
breaking potions
21 Days Ago
floater offsets W10Emoji font
23 Days Ago
windows 10 emoji font better fog of war z-index tweak hud overhaul
24 Days Ago
new floaters more tooltips poison potion
24 Days Ago
energy potion cleanup tattoo offsets unid scroll names unid potions potion tweaks
24 Days Ago
ui tweaks cigarette, durability, etc smoking charisma buff refreshment juicebox scroll of telekinesis unidentified scrolls
26 Days Ago
better flee behaviour FearedThing scroll of fear fall into hole to next level fade in/out levels simplified thing level changing prevent thing from moving onto itself move/fall anim tweaks
27 Days Ago
can bump things with joystick tree random drop remove . from descriptions more fruits on trees fix bug when projectile went out of bounds removed ShouldLogBehaviour fearful component
28 Days Ago
refactored callbacks when destroying a wielded item enemy detection considers target stealth thing.HasFlag VfxFly tree wielded item
29 Days Ago
enemy alerts when player in range lose target after time remove floater joystick item stealth stat
29 Days Ago
level names nearby panel bg color accessory/nearby tweaks moved pathfinding to thing, etc highlight equipment when mousing over equip panel
31 Days Ago
highlight unusable items in red academic cap fixes level name label equipment bg icons
32 Days Ago
teleport book change mana icon more intelligence ui stuff bow requires energy fix camera bug, change teleport icon stamina cooldown component energy regen
32 Days Ago
ChatDisplayIcons, use failure log messages unfocus chatbox when clicking stuff ability names spending mana mana potion health potion change health potion sprite energy drink teleport scroll
33 Days Ago
can change inventory width, etc backpack max health stat thing TattooData book of blink fix backpack error misc improvements
34 Days Ago
stat container bars stat isModifier GetThingsWithinRange server debug drawing enemy line of sight item cooldown ui prevent use when on cooldown
35 Days Ago
trait label can show other stats on char panel energy and mana stats fix stats and traits networking
37 Days Ago
hp bars equip tweaks onMoveOnto etc callbacks explosion floater use/aim queued actions start aiming clears queued action instead of queueing itself
43 Days Ago
blink radius arrow projectile OnAddComponent etc trait tattoos
43 Days Ago
OnChangedGridPos blink floater bow thing tattoos, double click nearby thing to pick up
44 Days Ago
pick up tooltip select target aiming cell target cell pin aiming target cells refresh when relevant gridthings change
45 Days Ago
more cursor stuff stop aiming when acting wielding panel wielding tooltip aim icons
46 Days Ago
pointer cursor different cursors, drag to chat, etc
46 Days Ago
more wielded thing dragging ui interactions aiming can click aiming cells cell aiming can queue throw action aim icons
50 Days Ago
floater parent equipment on/off floaters only send floater to players on same level floater vector2 offset floater scale
51 Days Ago
floater text and offset damage floaters
52 Days Ago
ui changes, description, font prevent interacting in OOB gridpos fix stat clamping use item action component
55 Days Ago
z-index fixes for selection and fog sight stat item callbacks, vision items stat min max values stat display more info ui api fixes char hotkey dont show info panel unless necessary, stat tooltip colors hand outline, cleanup
56 Days Ago
some api fixes Merge branch 'main' of sbox-2dtest
57 Days Ago
refresh vision on changes
58 Days Ago
rename status to component ui debug line api fixes more debug drawing visibility fov
59 Days Ago
doubleclick, cleanup refactor some player stuff out of Game added movement cooldown to more actions tweak character panel MoveThingTo refactoring refactor SwapGridThingPos player QueuedAction
2 Months Ago
inventory hotbar more inventory ui can drag wielded thing, grid size fixes drop item, fix for moving inventory items
2 Months Ago
rename project, some inventory fixes equipped thing removed gridtype from player flags equipment UI interactions wieldable panel interactions cleanup
2 Months Ago
flags and depth tweaking squirrel death simplify spawning 🚪🕳 Level level switching more level stuff
2 Months Ago
pathfinding hp restarting