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2,535 Commits over 3,136 Days - 0.03cph!

pathfinding hp restarting
3 Days Ago
only adjust camera along movement axis camera pixel offset camera movement cleanup can see up things to one square outside camera bounds
4 Days Ago
chatbox barrel scrolling camera proper camera centering expanded inventory panel
6 Days Ago
tweaked logging player outline stuff hack for flickering nearby cells when picking up thing
6 Days Ago
refresh nearby/inventory only for local player drop dragged nearby item when moving character panel
7 Days Ago
drag and drop things 🤏 drag icon drag icon opacity fading fix mouse actions on nearby things cleanup
8 Days Ago
shift-click to pickup/drop
8 Days Ago
gridcell solid tag fix thing stacking order, nearby scrolling flicker panel hack for nearby things when player moves tweak solid appearance
8 Days Ago
nearby panel, flag helpers can pick up nearby items fix bug with things that have the same icon
10 Days Ago
right-clicking can drop items fix z-index
11 Days Ago
remove player pawn on leave inventory per player wip fix inventory gridmanager refresh unselected thing deregister player gridpos on leave
13 Days Ago
selection indicator
13 Days Ago
can select things ThingFlags
13 Days Ago
thing DrawDebugText position thing DebugText can click grid bg
13 Days Ago
prevent rendering panels for removed things
14 Days Ago
reworking gridpanel more reworking cleanup
15 Days Ago
fix vfxscale clientside vfx more client vfx
15 Days Ago
inventory panel multiple grids, generic gridmanager
16 Days Ago
thingstatus, nudge flicker panel hack for tooltips vfxslidestatus vfxshakestatus vfxscale attempt SetIcon ui layout
18 Days Ago
fade out log messages grid fixes remove GridCellBg z-index etc thing transform
19 Days Ago
colored tooltips
19 Days Ago
tiled background grid
20 Days Ago
remove unused data type
20 Days Ago
delete junk
20 Days Ago
ui grid
24 Days Ago
victory crate enemy xp drop range magnet player revive
25 Days Ago
fix boss hp bar persisting boss sfx boss charging
26 Days Ago
runner sprites and sfx boss boss healthbar boss
27 Days Ago
spitter sprites exploder sprites charger sprites
28 Days Ago
spiker reverse anim
28 Days Ago
freeze sfx spiker visuals spiker sfx
29 Days Ago
ballpit money fix from thornBush ballpit - thornbush fix for converge indicator make deathTimeScale nonzero to fix player death speech
31 Days Ago
spike background
32 Days Ago
FreezeShootStatus more freezing statuses freeze burn status runner enemy enemy spike fix spike pos
33 Days Ago
push strength burning vfx only on client, frozen status enemy timescale
34 Days Ago
sfx clear death panel on restart dash improvements fire sfx more sfx
36 Days Ago
sound wip Merge branch 'main' of sbox-2dtest
37 Days Ago
sound positioning sfx etc
38 Days Ago
health pack health packs remove debug
38 Days Ago
remove debug
39 Days Ago
remove info panel tooltip tweaks last ammo damage status
39 Days Ago
fire spreading round damage numbers some fire statuses only need 1 req status, not all thing heightZ more fire statuses dash cooldown status
40 Days Ago
some more statuses burning enemy status
41 Days Ago
exploder enemy
41 Days Ago
charger enemy dust cloud effects
43 Days Ago
reroll button spitter bullet improve spitter bullet hp bar delta
43 Days Ago
death ghost spawn repel tweak fixed doubled choice ui only host can restart
44 Days Ago
spitter spritesheet balance
44 Days Ago
more blood stuff zombie subclass
45 Days Ago
num dashes powerup player damage floaters status panel max label blood test Merge branch 'main' of sbox-2dtest merge