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2 Days Ago
Fixed scrap transport seats using boat dismount speed RHIB seats now use aquatic dismount speed Workcart and locomotive now use ground dismount speed
2 Days Ago
Merge from main
9 Days Ago
Removed global.vehicleDismountHoldTime convar Added more specific convars in it's place: groundVehicleDismountTime, flyingVehicleDismountTime, aquaticVehicleDismountTime and horseDismountTime Each convar controls how long it takes to dismount things to support scenarios like immediately dismounting cars but having a 0.5s delay when dismounting air or ocean vehicles Not every vehicle fit perfectly into a category, some notable decisions: -Workcarts, trains, sleds and snowmobiles are considered ground vehicles -Parachutes and ziplines are considered flying vehicles -Submarines, boogie boards and inner tubes are considered aqautic -A computer station is considered a flying vehicle if a drone is currently being controlled