6 Commits over 0 Days - ∞cph!

9 Days Ago
Show depth of field values on camera readout if the dof exposer is active even if the dof convar is false Change readout to "DOF=false" if dof is disabled
11 Days Ago
Fixed incorrect focal distance readout
11 Days Ago
Set dof exposer focal size to 0.4, it's hardcoded to a few different values in normal dof handling but this is probably fine Also max out sample size
17 Days Ago
Minor DofExposer rewrite, create a new post process volume with a higher priority and let the component manipulate that instead of fighting with existing dof handling DofExposer is now part of the MainCamera prefab and disabled by default, should have no impact on regular gameplay Fixed several issues resulting from the exposer component using .profile instead of .sharedprofile Multiple dofexposers in a scene should now coexist peacefully since they don't affect any global state, just modifying a local post process volume
17 Days Ago
Merge from main
19 Days Ago
Exposed anamorphic barrel and anamorphic squeeze to Dof Exposer Dof Exposer will no longer update it's values if the component is disabled or the gameobject is in a disabled hierarchy Debug camera readout values will now display dof exposer values if there is an active exposer Added dof distance to camera info readout