54 Days Ago
Tidying up push code. - Added a standard push procedure to BaseVehicle (previously the method was blank), unifying a base push that can be overridden if desired for different vehicle types, but kept if a "standard" push is okay. Handles pushing in any direction and flipping over. Currently used for modular cars and submarines. - MiniCopter, Kayak, and MotorRowboat keep their custom pushes. - Moved the rigidbody wake and metabolism subtraction on push to BaseVehicle, since it's the same for all pushes, even the custom ones. Boat and kayak pushes subtracted two calories instead of 3 like the others. Rather than add yet another parameter, standardised them all to 3. - Moved push validity checks in MotorRowboat and Kayak out of DoPushAction and into CanPushNow.