3 Months Ago
Moved various objects away from the Ragdoll layer, so that we can allow actual corpse ragdolls to collide with vehicles while still having vehicles pass through small plants and bushes Debris is generally the best alternative as it matches Ragdoll in that player collision ignores it, and player interaction detects it. The main difference is Debris ignores bullets and Ragdoll does not, so large solid objects can need a different option. Summary of changes: - Pumpkins, potatoes, hemp, corn, berries moved from Ragdoll to Debris. - Generic item drop containers moved from Ragdoll to Debris. - Various special event collectables moved from Ragdoll to Debris. - Some vehicle storage containers moved from Ragdoll to Vehicle Detailed. - Wood-Collectable and Halloween-Wood-Collectable moved from Ragdoll to World (unlike Ragdoll, the Debris layer ignores bullets, so large solid objects shouldn't use Debris). - GrowableHeatSource, GrowableGenetics, and CeilingLight now look for growables on the Debris layer instead of the Ragdoll layer.