2 Days Ago
Clean GetPrefabScene - actually load the prefab scene if not loaded (although I feel like this would already be doing that if it should be doing it) Add TypeDescription.GetValue, SetValue - handles both properties and fields for QOL TextDialog cleanup ControlSheet.AddRow just creates a ControlWidgetRow (single path) Move ComponentSheetHeader to its own file Now GameObjectTransformControl uses the new path, we don't need to manually align margins MakeIdGuidsUnique returns a translation dictionary Store prefab guid to instance guid translation table on prefab instance root GameObject Add EditorUtility.Prefabs.CreateAsset, obsolete GameObject.GetAsPrefab Add CloneConfig.PrefabVariables Add PrefabFile.VariableList Simplify prefab instance lookup object by id Add PrefabScene.VariableCollection Prefab variables end to end