567 Commits over 670 Days - 0.04cph!

3 Days Ago
Fixed some more compile warnings Bump game_text max duration to 1 hour Block as it's being abused now Default "skill" to 2 (normal) Fixed a crash to do with soundscapes after map cleanup Fix "skill" cvar affecting non NPC damage to player Merge scripts/talker/* with episodes Fixed gamemode resetting after playing and leaving Sandbox, and starting a new server on a different gamemode Let's try adding a Discord webhook on build finish Move notification step to deploy job, propagate to other branches as well Gravity Gun doesn't delete Physics Objects it didn't create Give debug name to physics objects created via Lua & models scaling For Lua functions, will be the function name that created it, for scaled physics objects - model name + scale Fixed NPCs spawning sprites sometimes causing artificial refs on the material Hammer support for sent_ball To serve as another example of Lua entity in Hammer
5 Days Ago
Apply the fix for NPC death animation blending garrysmod-issues/issues/5891 Do not precache particle materials on the server (game.AddParticles) Allows particle materials to reach 0 refcount on disconnect from singleplayer, and also makes no sense to precache particle materials serverside anyway. Show "Unknown Addon #X" as invalid in addons menu So there's no confusion why they don't appear in-game. Make sure to restore gamemode on server disconnect to what it was file.Remove returns success Potential fix for a sound DSP crash Prevent NPCs complaining about sequence -1 This could happen when a combine solider has no gun and tries to chase the player. Fixed NPCs complaining about bone access on death HL2 model changes * Moved stalker model to overrides/, next to other override models * Include EP2 combine mine model, so its skins appear on that EP2 map * Include EP1 ceiling turret model so it functions correctly when dry firing Fixed "skill" no doing anything for HL2 content Also enable Alyx darkness mode Correct AIClassText for some CLASS_ enums Also block "skill" from being modified by Lua ( game.SetSkillLevel exists) Disable .sw.vtx generation in studiomdl.exe Also made the program work out of the box without specifying `-nop4`. Minor changes Fix NPC death poses (Thanks MapBase) garrysmod-issues/issues/5361 Enabled a bunch more episodic behaviors Most of it is locked away behind hl2_episodic, most of it is relating to Alyx Darkness mode stuff Replace default cubemap texture with the one VBSP generates by default This affects maps that are renamed after compilation Fix CmdSeq.wc being broken on local builds Fixed Ceiling Turret trying to play non existent sounds on dry fire Was spamming warnings in console Fixed Alyx not being blinded by flashlight in Episode 1 More episodic behaviors, for Zombies and Headcrabs Fixed Alyx still following the player in darkness mode without flashlight Fix Alyx's darkness breathing breaking other voice lines Remount subbed addons if we unmounted server addons In case some file(s) were overwritten by server addons, which are now gone Clean up rope materials on disconnect, not game shutdown Allows rope materials to reach 0 refcounts Fixed intro screen material not being freed Also fixed __error material getting an extra forever refcount Also fixed __loading and __background getting forever refcounts Fixed certain sprites (such as physgun beam) being forever referenced if drawn
5 Days Ago
Fix potential division by 0 when parsing MP3 files Fix potential division by 0 when parsing MP3 files Actually apply the fix for division by 0 :pensive: Add reason to "Unmounting addon X" message Attempt to fix weird Linux filesystem crash Retouch material/model uncaching Making sure it doesn't happen when mcore is turnedon/allowed Resolved case sensitivity issues with lua_refresh_file Change up GetPhysicsObjectNum warnings with more info Rework game_text rendering clientside to allow for 256 channels (from 6) Also limit hold time to 0-300 seconds. Allow 3 separate number inputs to certain mesh.* functions mesh.Position mesh.Normal mesh.TangentS mesh.TangentT Only allow dx80/dx90.vtx files in gmpublisher Fixed materials with matproxies sometimes getting permanent artificial refcount Do not unmount server .GMA file for now Use network origin/angles for clientside physics objects Fixed legacy workshop addons sometimes not extracting correctly This would happen on download, potentially after messing about with Steam files SetAvoidPlayers ignores noclipping players Resolve model materials going into negative refcounts This is a specific case where error models are "hotloaded" into non error models. Block cl_playerspraydisable Fixed util.GetModelMeshes leaking model refcounts Fixed sprites causing material refcounts going negative Similar case to models - sprite materials becoming available after precaching as error Minor changes Fixed Lua particles leaking material refcount This is fixed by precaching the material just before it is used Restore unmounting of server workshop addons Can be still disabled with `gmod_uncache_test -1` for testing purposes.
17 Days Ago
Added gmod_uncache_test (defaults ON) for the new attempt at content unloading This probably doesn't matter: Move changes to CLuaObject to the bottom Fix even more potential crashes with NPCs driving vehicles Forgot this file for gmod_uncache_test
18 Days Ago
Fixed whereis sometimes not finding the culprit workshop addon Fixed unmounting GMAs leaving behind empty folders internally Block path concommand Minor cleanups Try to encourage models to be unloaded on disconnect Fixed RegisterMetaTable still creating a new table
19 Days Ago
Fix my fuckup
19 Days Ago
Temp hack for vgui.GetAll when it doesnt exist
19 Days Ago
Added temp polyfill for RegisterMetaTable Improve server-only scaled physics prop trace hit detection Do not PurgeUnusedModels before mounting BSP content Properly fix modelscale bounds - they were doubled from scaling PhysObjs Release materials created by surface.GetTextureID clientside Hopefully the clientside-only part solves issues people had when destroying these textureIDs Prevent "unknown material" spam on disconnect due to recent changes Fixed Entity:SetModel and util.PrecacheModel leaking mdl refcounts
20 Days Ago
Fix FollowBone not working correctly again
20 Days Ago
Fixed a bunch of possible crashes with Vehicles pre-spawn Afternative fix for timers during timing out Alternative fix for Entity:FollowBone
21 Days Ago
Fixed UnmountServerAddons not working without gmod_unload_test Change where clientside think is called from This does NOT affect the Think/Tick hooks clientside, but DOES affect the following Lua systems: * timers * HTTP requests * async file reads * net messages Ideally there should be no noticeable changes, but these systems will now run correctly when not receiving pakcets from the server. Fix filesystem not being able to seek above 2GB in a file Error out and do not mount addons over 4GB Everything under should work with previous commit. Block servers from modifying fov_desired Warning on model scales of 0 or below Fixed gibs clientside not initializing their scale to 1
24 Days Ago
Episode 1 wake up fix
24 Days Ago
Fixed crashes when certain models are spawning gibs Models from other games that may reference non existent gib types Fixed logic_collision_pair not really working at all when spawned by map Improve kill feed NPC names for map spawned NPCs like rebels Episode 1 intro fixes
25 Days Ago
Fixed crashes when point_template is used improperly Delete duplicate build scripts that don't really work too well Expose steamworks.GetList/FileInfo to serverside Kleiner model with merged animations Vortigaunt models with merged animations Include Episode 2 floor turret models for its skins & gibs Enable Episodic behaviors for vortigaunts
26 Days Ago
Make PhysObj:GetFrictionSnapshot start at index 1 again
26 Days Ago
▉█▍▍ ▇▊▍▄▍ ▉▉▇▌▄▊▍ ▋▍▍▆▍
26 Days Ago
▄▅▆▋▍▋ █▉ ▋▆▌ ▉▅▉▍▇ ▇▇▌▌▋ █▅ ██▋▍▋
26 Days Ago
Lets try exposing sound duration stuff to linux srcds
26 Days Ago
Fixed Entity:FollowBone not working with boneID 0. Fixed SoundDuration returning wrong values for MP3 files It was a sneaky bug in the MP3 parser It's still an approximation, but it is very close now. (+/- 0.1s) Also make it skip ID3v2 data Fixed .wav SoundDuration being off by number of channels on srcds Let's try not disabling SV_GetSoundDuration on srcds
27 Days Ago
Move certain "hexed" models to fallbacks VPK Fixed env_zoom not working sometimes, and not undoing itself on removal Include modified Alyx models that include animations from episodes Get rid of "env_sprite is rendering non sprite material" warning It's too spammy Entity:Set/GetPoseParameter now can accept numbers instead of strings Entity:GetPoseParameterRange can now accept string instead of a number
28 Days Ago
▉▆▄▄▆ █▅▌▄▌▇█▆ ▌▇ ▆█▄▊█▉▋▆██▉▍ ▉█ ▌▌██▇ ▊▅▉▌▄▄ !█▆▌ ▍▄▊▅▉ ▌▋▄▅▄▍▄ ▌▍▉▊▋ + ▉▉▇▅▍▌▄ ▍▆▆▊▊ ▍▊▄▆ ▌▆█▋█ █▊▋▌ ▋██▇▋▅▄▆▇ ▉▌▌▋▄▅ ▊▆▆▊▅█▅ █▍▋▄▋.▅▌▆ ▄▍ ▊▇▆█ ▊▉█▄▊ ▇▊▄▅█▅ \▆ ▆▅ ▅▅▄▊▇▉ ▍█▊▋█ ▌▇▄
28 Days Ago
env_screenoverlay SwitchOverlay forcing overlays on when the entity is disabled Fix clicking a TextEntry sometimes setting invalid caret pos
31 Days Ago
Display an error in console when addon file list has failed to be read completely Removing dead/redundant code from SENTs
31 Days Ago
sound.Generate now accepts table of samples, or direct binary data as a string The table input should have float values from -1 to 1 (index starting with 1), and is about 4 times faster than using a function string input must be raw 16bit sound data (each sample is a signed short), and is much faster than the 2 other methods. EmitSound handles registered sounds a bit better clientside You could, and still can add `.wav` to the end of the registered sounds to make them work with EmitSound, which is still useful for serverside, but clientside this is no longer necessary. Added optional argument to sound.Generate - loopStart (sample ID)
32 Days Ago
Merge clientside and serverside physobj scaling code Update button spawnicons to face the camera mat_viewportscale tiny value Problem Remove unintended label from HL2 spawnlist Fixed stray "Other2" category name fallback in spawnmenu Added PhysObj:MakeShadow( maxSpeed, maxAngSpeed ) This allows making any physics object a physics shadow, not just Entity:PhysicsInitShadow Speed values of 0 or below mean do not allow movement. Added RegisterMetaTable( name, table ) "anim" type SENTs move physics objects clientside for you Hopefully this will not cause any issues surface.PlaySound can accept soundscript names clientside This will only translate the soundscript name to a file path, it will NOT affect ptich/volume, etc, since the function does not support that at all.
33 Days Ago
Fixed crashes due to recent changes to gib system Let's try this again: unload unreferenced materials in more places This is aimed at making sure content from maps is unloaded before content from another map is loaded
33 Days Ago
Fixed DMenuOptionCVar resetting from cvar too early in certain use cases
34 Days Ago
Gibs inherit model scale of scaled props Change clientside physobj scale to trigger from Activate() Fixed scaled props scaling collision bounds twice Added CLuaInterface::RegisterMetaTable
35 Days Ago
Use a different place to set fallbacks for VolumeClouds shader Added CNewParticleEffect.GetRenderBounds Improve consistency of trace surfaceID returns clientside This only relates to usages of PhysicsObject shadows vcollide_wireframe - draw the actual physics object clientside if it exists Test version of clientside model physics scaling Fixed trackspeed only working after ReturnToEyes input (point_viewcontrol)
38 Days Ago
Remove file.AsyncRead from menu state entirely, since its broken anyway Added new shader parameters to `Core` shader $ENTITYORIGIN $DIAMETER (They are case insensitive) Added $BASETEXTURESPEED,BASETEXTURE(2/3)SPEED for VolumeClouds shader forgot this file for asyncread concommand autocomplete tokenized arguments argument Port hack for Portal 2 .wavs that are actually .mp3s Remove Episode 2 exclusive soundscapes from gm_construct
39 Days Ago
Restore angle alignment stuff for +use pickup Print games that are mounted to console (like folder addons) with developer 1 Traces now have "whitelist" input property This will turn the table filter into a whitelist, rather than ignore list. This will NOT affect function() filters Added "hitclientonly" option to trace functions clientside Fixed Static/Dynamic/Physics not being correctly displayed in Hammer due to recent changes Added new data to util.GetModelInfo MeshCount, BoneCount, Flags, StaticProp (specific flag)
40 Days Ago
GMad.exe: On windows, pause on error when using drag'n'drop Added NPC:GetArrivalSpeed / NPC:GetArrivalDistance Restore HL2 use sounds with `gmod_suit 1` Added ability for traces to use a table of class names as filter They can be mixed and matched with entities as well.
41 Days Ago
Added Entity:GetBoneFollowers, new argument to Entity:CreateBoneFollowers Entity:CreateBoneFollowers( table of bone names ) Throw errors when ColorToHSL/ColorToHSV/physenv.SetPerformanceSettings gets not a table Bone follower support for AI and Nextbot SENTs Added Entity:Dissolve( type = 0, magn = 0, orign = EntOrigin ) Added a 3rd argument for PathFollower:Chase - cost function Added NPC:Set/GetStepHeight
42 Days Ago
Can build vphysics now No 64bit builds though, not shipping actual builds Added optional argument to NPC:StopMoving - immediate (defaults to true) Create Build-GameProjectsPhysics.bat Prevent invalid input to render.DrawWireframeSphere Fixed a long freeze on disconnect from maps with huge nav meshes
45 Days Ago
Remaining spawnicons for HL2 props shipped with the game HL2:Episode 1 spawnicons FIxed Spawnicon Editor move speed not loading on open EP2 Spawnicons Updated spawnlists to include All HL2 base props shipped with the game This took way longer than expected. Also added Episode 1 and 2 spawnlists if they are mounted.
46 Days Ago
More updated spawnicons New spawnicon editor options Move speed customization, FOV precise control, camera position copy/paste SetCookieName support for DNumSlider, DCheckbox(Label) Added DAdjustableModelPanel:Get/SetMovementScale Spawnicons for HL2 models shipped with the game Fix citadel pods not advancing their animation force spawnlist file names to lower case
47 Days Ago
Change Matrix memory management to match Vector/Angle This aims to fix stuttering when GCing lots of matrices, for example in rendering hooks. Hammer: Fixed "Point At" writing to "angles" instead of the selected KV Do not run animations on prop_prisoner_pod if its empty Apparently it has "high network usage". Do not fully disable the crosshair if player is dead This change will make the crosshair appear when spectating players in first person, or when flying around in spectate mode and cl_observercrosshair is set to 1 (default) Fixed a memory leak with serverlist.Query
48 Days Ago
Added "content_descriptors" to steamworks.FileInfo result It is a table of possible values: "general_mature", "gore", "suggestive", "nudity", "adult_only", Rework Portal Rocket Turret targeting to make the SetTarget input work Do not prevent C_BaseAnimating entities from rendering if sequence = -1
49 Days Ago
Fixed crashes when deleting nav ladders Added some existing models to the Lamp Tool
52 Days Ago
Fix the fix that fixes a fix relating to net messages and Lua ents clientside Minor cleanups Use ints, not shorts for leafs in map compile tools I think this affects VRAD only, fixes warnings/issues on some complex maps. Rearrange the 2 default spawnlists to have props more logically grouped Do not try to render and save icons for models without meshes This mostly applies to character animation files. They will appear as "ERROR" models. Fixed auto generated spawnlists from mountable games disapparing on reload They were incorrectly having AppID and not the "folder" set as "needs app". Moved "Delete multiple" items in spawnmenu right to the bottom This is consistent with normal spawnicon right click item order. Fixed selecting text in spawnicon editor only working on second try Lost coast spawnicons & spawnlist
53 Days Ago
Fixed a crash with Hammer Model Viewer and bad models Middle mouse click for DColorCube/Mixer to reset to convar defaults Adds DColorCube.Get/SetDefaultColor Adds DSlider:ResetToDefaultValue (Was previously exclusive to DNumSlider) Increase the limit of ManipulateBoneScale to 512 (from 32) Display SENT/SWEP usage info in spawnmenu tooltip
53 Days Ago
Fixed a crash due to recent changes when net messages sent to client too early Rework player name retrieval for player disconnection chat message Fixes the message sometimes not appearing, due to the player object being gone too soon. Fix NPCs being sometimes blind due to recent changes
55 Days Ago
Fixed FSD-overrun-toy physics mesh & Reduced its size Limit certain old addon whitelist entries to old addons only Added "resource/overviews/*.txt" to BSP whitelist Added sv_npc_full_pvs_checks (Default to 1) Change "Filter" label on console to better represent what it does Make sure CL Lua entities are initialized before processing net messages
56 Days Ago
Added missing textures for pefttest/grass_tuft models Default cl_detail_allow_vertex_lighting to 1 Added grass_swamp_001a/b models used in detail.vbsp Update detail.vbsp garrysmod-requests/issues/2351 Merged Pull Request TTT: Optimize ragdoll search network traffic + fix disconnected player networking Added sv_log_client_errors (defaults to 1) Above 0 = log clientside errors to 'clientside_errors.txt'. 0 = Log to console only. Below 0 = do not even print those errors on console.
59 Days Ago
▊▊▆▇▉█ ▍▅▅▆▋▍▉ ▆▆▊▅ ▊▄█▊▄ ▍▉▉▋▋▉ ▆▍▌▉ ▌█▇█▌▇ ▅█▄▉▉ ▌▋▌▅█▄▆
59 Days Ago
Fixed env_blood color setting, and add new ones Also adjusted its FGD to unhide hidden settings and add the new blood colors More logical defaults for func_button in the fgd Fixed UTIL_BloodStream missing texture and blood color Fixed a crash with multicore rendering and logging Fixed up missing materials of some of the detail.vbsp models
60 Days Ago
Added host_workshop_autoupdate (defaults to 1) Set to 0 to disable dedicated server workshop auto updates. Ignore \n and \t in player names Remove white background from server browser filters/sort Strip certain unicode character groups from server & gamemode names It's mostly the obnoxious blocks
2 Months Ago
Added private activity functions util.GetActivityNameByID util.GetActivityIDByName util.GetAnimEventIDByName All are shared, including util.GetAnimEventNameByID
2 Months Ago
Improve verbosity and detection of "CMaterial::Draw(): StretchDIBits failed " In hammer Merged Pull Requests * Removed duplicate id attribute on gmfilter_rev input which breaks ReverseFilter() * TTT: Replace deprecated GetConVarNumber/GetConVarString usage * Optimized skypaint matproxy
2 Months Ago
Fixed crashes with huge font blur values Fixed Color Modify post processing effect defaults not resetting invert Fixed nav mesh generation generating invalid navmeshes Fixed a self-crash with +vgui_drawtree