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17 Commits over 61 Days - 0.01cph!

4 Days Ago
Added pipe wrench tool for industrial pipes - added viewmodel and prefab - added world model w/ lods and prefab - material and textures
7 Days Ago
v2 pipe trim texture sheet added pipe rim trim to the pipe trim texture sheet updated pipe textures
8 Days Ago
first iteration of the coloured pipe textures
8 Days Ago
added industrial combiner - LODs and GIBs - Materials and textures Updated deploy predab
13 Days Ago
Update to industrial conveyor module mesh - fixed holes in mesh (where pipes would cover but would be exposed without pipes) - updated LODs (gibs were already fixed)
14 Days Ago
updated industrial crafter module - split lights off to their own uv to control progress bar - updated lods - updated prefab - added textures and materials for the lights (this may change if/when we get a fix for the standard shader uv1 offset settings)
14 Days Ago
set texture import resolution for crafter texture properly
14 Days Ago
Splitter fbx file that got missed out for some reason
14 Days Ago
Added LODs to all modules Added GIBs to all modules - updated prefabs with LOD'd meshes Moved meshes into appropriate folders
14 Days Ago
zeroed transforms on 3 industrial assets - sorry jarryd, i swear it doesn't always happen.
15 Days Ago
Added Adapter Mesh - override old mesh - moved mesh to 'Models' folder - Added LODs Added materials and textures Updated deploy prefab
15 Days Ago
added industrial crafter model and lods - pipe entry points are slightly longer to coincide with concept. Added textures and materials Updated prefab with new mesh - removed old temp mesh
17 Days Ago
Updated industrial splitter mesh - fixed shader issues Added textures and setup material Replaced current splitter mesh with new mesh in prefab. - updated prefab (Jarryd will have to go through this)
18 Days Ago
Added new version of the splitter model + LODs Just need to texture it now.
39 Days Ago
industrial adapter test mesh
40 Days Ago
industrial crafter test mesh
40 Days Ago
- industrial conveyor mesh - industrial splitter mesh entry points fits nicely with the currently pipe radius.