5 Months Ago
Add world.rendertunnels to export the map's tunnel texture to a file No processing is done on this so it's not directly usable 1. It's black and white - ignore all channels except red 2. There's no scale option for the command - it will always give a 2048x2048 texture, so manual scaling is required 3. When overlaying on top of the map, this texture extends beyond what rendermap gives (by like 25% or so? think it depends on map size)
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MrJaycoooo Friday, February 26, 2021 at 3:47 AM
I love the rail system you guys did its amazing. You guys should maybe polish the collision of the work cart into the barricades a bit, also give it a new sound effect rather than the sound the twig breaking. Great work guys! :) Edit: Also a big factor I must point out, being able to hear everything that is going underground from the surface might not be a good idea. Hearing gunshots could throw players off and would be constantly annoying especially to players in their bases. :)